Beginners Guide To Running(88029)

Whether you are interested in becoming a runner or you’ve just started out this article should prove useful to you. The article is aimed at beginners but also has many tips that will benefit the  more experienced runner. Getting started as a runner can be very daunting but by the end of this article I hope to have answered most, if not all of your questions.

Before starting any fitness program or regime you must make sure that you are in relatively good health, consider taking a trip to your doctor and having a medical before you undertake any prolonged physical activities.

Running Equipment You'll Need

Trainers will probably the most expensive equipment you’ll have to buy. But don’t worry you won’t need to buy lots of expensive equipment. The basics you will need to get started running are, trainers or sneakers, shorts or track suit bottoms, and a T-shirt or track suit top. Women will also need to get themselves a sports bra.

How To Start Running

It is important when you start running to pace yourself. You must appreciate that at first it will be a shock to your system and depending on your physical fitness you may be disappointed with how long you can actually run for. Try not to become dis-heartened by this, running is quite demanding on the human body and it will take quite a while before you can run for prolonged periods.

Running Plans And Goals

It's recommend that when starting out as a runner you have a plan and set yourself goals. At first plan to run for periods of ten minutes, or what ever you think you can comfortable manage. Once ten minutes becomes easy then increase the time to twenty minutes and so on. It is important to push yourself, however remember to be patient. Improving you physical fitness will not happen over night.

Walking And Running

If you are entirely new to running consider mixing together both walking and running. It really depends on what is most comfortable for you but as a general guideline try running for five minutes then walking for five, keep this up for as long as you can manage.

Getting Out And Start Running

Often the hardest part for me when I was starting out as a runner was actually getting out there. Sometimes you will need to give yourself a kick and have some serious determination if you are to succeed as a runner.

Don't Make Silly Excuses

It’s easy to make excuses but you must recognise when you are! Some of the most common excuses are, not having enough time, the weather being too hot or cold, not feeling well, feeling tired, and many more. If you want to take running seriously you must try to avoid making counter productive excuses, just get out there and get running, if you start making excuses just try to remember the buzz you get once you're out there.