Why You Need Search Engine Optimisation

Every Word Must Count And Be Counted


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A Triple A Beginner's Guide to SEO is going to be just that. We'll touch on some of the basic high points and main categories of learning within the field of search engine marketing for the online world.

If you're new to trying to publicise your work, or product, online, welcome to the greatest roller coaster ride you've ever been on.  When you're on the way up in search engine rankings the unknown is exciting and thrilling. On the way down, you're not so sure.

With recent occurrences in the realm of search engine marketing, some of the bigger affiliate marketers I know that were making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month were instantly reduced to a few bucks a day. Products that were flying off the shelf, suddenly began to linger in inventory. Payrolls first were cut and then layoffs came next.

Google's Panda algorithm rolled out and we all took a virtual kick in ranks. Very few people who make a living writing online content of any kind weren't adversely affected by this. Fortunes were erased and those about to be made had the brakes slammed on. Hope you were wearing a seat belt, because if not, your face hit the metaphoric windshield.

I for one was holding on tight and knew what was coming. I hadn't prepared as well as I should have but then who thought the cut would be so deep, and ruthless. Anyone who had a lot of content up that was producing a great income, suddenly may have found themselves looking for work at the local unemployment office.

Unfortunately Google unrolled these changes right as the economic down-turn,  just finished eating most of the fat it could gnaw off the world economy. That in itself was taking it's toll on each of us at the same time. 

People who write part-time and market online products as a supplement to their regular jobs, may have lost both incomes at once. Top this with a big old slice of real estate market crash and the stock market plummeting and you have the part where the bolts start to come loose in your coaster car.

So all of this comes after we crest the hill on the super coaster that is online writing. What are we supposed to expect next? How about more of the same. The coaster will eventually pull into the station and some will get off. There are however a few people like you and me, who will opt to go round one more time. Hey why not, what doesn't kill ya, just makes you a better SEO writer.

Why Do I Need Keywords And How Come I can't Get In The Club Without Them?

Unless You Know The Combination

Keyword optimisation, keyword placement, keyword density, keyword use in a sentence, blah blah blah, I'm so sick of key words that I changed all the locks in my house to combinations.

My thinking here being I lose my keys all the time, but as long as I learn the combinations and not just try to memorize them, I'll always know them and therefore I'll always have them with me as well.

I can't say enough about the proper use of keywords when writing online. Without keywords you'll never see your work in the search engines because there aren't enough hours in the day to search that deep in the results. And, it's not just having keywords.

You must spend the time to find the right keywords that will target exactly the people who are interested in reading what you write. This is known as targeted traffic. It's the people who are going to click your advertisements, it's the ones that are going to download your ebook ,or subscribe to your list, or maybe buy from your page a product that will earn you a commission. Generally speaking, these are the customers or consumers of what your selling.

Some of the things about keyword optimisation you should concentrate on in the beginning stages are density and placement. Experts agree that most search engines are looking for web content that has a contextual keyword density of between one and two percent. There are those that will try to flood the work with their keyword or keyword phrase. These attempts show very little or even negative results because they reek of Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO is a term used for any method of attempting to fool the search engine algorithms into thinking you have more to offer than you do, in their opinion. They'll spank you quick with a big stick if they even get an inkling that your involved in these types of tactics.

There is one way to avoid being caught using Black Hat SEO, don't do it. That's the only way and even that has it's scary moments. Some actions are not what they seem to be and this works in reverse sometimes when you're doing something the right way and their opinion gets digitally screwed. This happens because a machine is attempting to interpret human emotion and that's the one and only thing they suck at.

So for our purposes we will be using the expert notion that one to two percent is the right density for our keywords. Placement should be once in the title, once in the first paragraph, once per hundred words throughout the content of your work and then once in the last paragraph. This formula will work for any length article or blog post and it will keep the work from being keyword heavy, or keyword lite.

Let's talk a little about CPC, or cost per click. This is a way that search engines pay for customers that are sent from the ads they display on your published Internet pages. Your articles, your blogs, any e-commerce sites you may have. The customer bids on the ad space and the spot goes to the highest bidder. 

So to get the most from your keywords in CPC, you'll need to use a research tool to find keywords that are high paying. At this point, for the sake of finishing this article this year I'm going to point you to a free tool that is available for this analytical process. It called Google AdWords, and it's free to get an account and use the keyword tool. They also have a free traffic estimator as well.

At the very least you need to learn how to find the highest paying keywords that fit into your chosen subjects and target these keywords as you write.

You'll also be paying attention to the competition within that set of keywords. This is the competition for the ad space that goes with that subject. Some subjects pay more and some pay far less per visitor. The one and only way to get this data is through research. Learn how to do it and learn how to do it well.

One last things on keywords would be a question about how many keywords your work should be optimised for? My answer to that would be to optimise every word you write. Make them all count.

This will probably be very difficult for most to fathom but actually if you start out with a few keywords in mind when you begin to write,  you'll soon find yourself naturally using more and more synonymous words subconsciously as you practice this principle. 

Social Networking Sites And Why They Matter

Were Doing All The Work For Free

Social networking sites are now the biggest thing since the old-fashioned telephone party-line. The only difference is now there are 500 million people out there listening to everything that's said. A few of them may sleep now and then but most of them are listening.

Using this to your best advantage will be easy. Just sign up for an account at every single social networking site you've ever heard of and every one you ever hear of in the future. Do this as fast as you can and check often for new ones.

I mean go out and actively search them out. Make your user name the same at all of them and use the same avatar. Brand yourself like Coke and Pepsi. Be the Burger King or McDonald's of the Internet marketing world. Get in on the rush and do it now. ( well after you finish this article anyway.) Otherwise you'll be behind even more than you already are.

It really doesn't matter if you have time to Stumble and Tweet, Facebook and My Space, all of your work as you write. The work stays online and when you get time, you'll come back and use these social sites to promote.

Also there's the possibility that your friends may already be on those sites and find you. This is where we get an added boost from what I like to call "social leverage". This is an old thought.

If I tell ten people and they tell ten and so on and so on, then soon I'll automatically be getting millions of visitors. Do the math. I can't because math gives me a headache. Take my word for it and many of the expert's suggestions and get in on the  beneficial and profitable possibilities of social networking.

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Catching The Mobile Tsunami

Why You Need To Know About M-commerce

Yes I said M-commerce. The art of selling somebody something whilst they're yakking on a cell phone. Amazing, jut a few short years ago I had to have my phone wired to my car to call it a mobile phone. It came in the glove compartment of a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark 6. Those were the days.

Anyway, I digress. The mobile advertising market has now expanded to include publishing platforms that are serving mobile ads to cell phones. This is a ripple in the water that will soon become the tsunami I'm talking about.

Tablets and smart phones have turned the corner from trying to be so small you can fit them in your ear-hole, to having a large enough viewing screen for people to conduct more intense Internet activities when there in mobile situation.  This fares well for the mobile advertising industry and I suggest you jump on board and opt in when you get the chance.

In closing as a beginner's guide, I'm going to have to leave this section right here. this is still so new relatively speaking and it's changing so quickly, that most of us are beginners on this one.

Now I'm Just Rambling

I'm getting very close to the point where this article is going farther than it should for beginners in this industry. It's time to throw you out of the nest, like a mamma eagle tosses those furry little egrets. It's time for you to fly solo.

If you take these basic principles and apply them to whatever your writing on-line you will soon be able to find your work in those search results. Build on the facts you've learned and eventually you'll only have to look on page one.

I have many more articles that may help a novice to get a jump-start on the competition. Look to the right on the top of this page. You'll find my writers signature box up there. I've linked to all of my relevant content in one easy to scroll box. This is me, trying to get you to read everything I've ever written on this subject. See how I did that?

"Self promotion is not egotistical in this business, it's life." You can quote me on that!