Ever heard of a bladeless fan? Who would have thought that electric fans will go bladeless?  Technology never sits still... even in the world of simple household items like electric fans.  Bladeless fans works like conventional electric fans but with a few more benefits.

How does it produce a breeze when it doesn’t have blades?

Dyson AM02 tower fanHow Do Bladeless Fans Work?

A bladeless electric fan has two major components: the base and the circular tube.  The base sucks in the air and releases it via the circular tube.  It is as simple as that.  The base has a vent which is the entry point of the air.  Inside the base is the motor which sucks the air and releases it in the circular tube.  The air flows around the tube and exits to create a steady stream of air.

Bladeless Fans Are Very Safe

Because, it doesn’t have blades and works like ordinary electric fans, bladeless fans are very safe.  There’s no need to worry about your kid poking his fingers in the hole.  Traditional fans are much more dangerous especially if you have little ones around. 

Bladeless Fans Are Very Easy To Clean

Since it doesn’t have blades, no screws to loosen, no parts to removed, cleaning is very easy.  Just wipe a cloth around the unit to clean it.  You can use damp cloth to remove sticky dirt and wipe it with a clean dry cloth.  You time because you do not need to dismantle fan and put it back together everytime you clean it which is super convenient.

Bladeless Electric Fans Have A Consistent Airflow

The problem with older electric fan models is that they don’t offer consistent airflow even if the fan is pointed directly at you.  Because the blade is slanted and a little bit twisted, the air it provides tends to be inconsistent. With bladeless fans, air is consistent and contstant.  Moreover, some manufacturers are claiming that bladeless electric fans give 15 times better air circulation than traditional models. 

Dyson AM01 10" table fan-BlueBladeless Fans Are Very Dependable

You can throw away your old electric fan and replace it with bladeless fan since it has the same features and functions but with fewer disadvantages as mentioned earlier. Bladeless fans can also oscilate; meaning the circular tube moves at an angle of 90 degrees from left to right and vice-versa. You can also tilt it upwards or downwards.     

What About the Price of a Bladeless Fan?

Bladeless fans are more expensive than its older predecessor.  However, the benefits that you gain, especially in regards to safety and convenience of cleaning outweigh the extra cost.  It is more expensive to become hospitalized due to fingers being caught by the blades than the price of this item. 

So go ahead, replace your old household fans with one of these current models which are safer, easier to clean, more functional, and more dependable.