Card making is becoming more popular as people express their creative side. Making a card yourself is not difficult and is not as time consuming as some believe. This article details how to make a three dimensional card using a 3D or pyramid sheet or an all-in-one kit. It can then be decorated using simple materials from around the home. Stickers, ribbon, buttons and glitter can all jazz up the look of the final product. The recipient will love the effort you have put in to create your wonderful card.

Making a Card from a 3D or Pyramid SheetCrawling BabyCredit: Melissa Nicklen

3D sheets usually contain one main image which has then been cropped so that when it is stacked on top of each other, the image looks three dimensional. Pyramid sheets are easier to cut as they are images cropped into simple shapes such as rectangles or ovals.

Step 1: Purchase, download and print a 3D sheet such as one from here.

Step 2: Cut a piece of your chosen colour card to 21cm x 15cm to form the base.

Step 3: Cut out each piece included on the sheet.

Ocean Pyramids(104652)Credit: Melissa NicklenStep 4: Choose the largest piece and attach the next largest piece directly on top of the image using 3D adhesive or foam squares. Continue to assemble the 3D image from the largest piece (on the bottom) to the smallest piece (on the top). If using 3D adhesive, leave to dry.

Optional: Layer decorative scrapbooking paper or complimentary coloured card to create a border under the 3D image.

Step 5: Attach the 3D image to the front of the card using double sided tape or glue.

Optional: Use decorative stickers or bows to enhance the front of your card.

How to Make a 3D Card from a Card Kit

Spring all-in-one kitCredit: Melissa NicklenAn all-in-one card kit is one of the simplest ways to create your own three dimensional card. The image is already printed onto the card and is usually all on one sheet of paper. It is easy to purchase, download then print the kits from here.

Step 1: Purchase and download a 3D card kit.

Step 2: Print the Card Kit onto your choice of glossy photo paper, matte photo paper, white card or shimmer card.

Vineyard all-in-one kitCredit: Melissa NicklenStep 3: Cut around the card and fold in half.

Step 4: Cut out the additional image included on the sheet.

Step 5: Using 3D adhesive or foam squares, attach the additional image directly on top of the identical image on the front of the card.

Optional: Use decorative stickers or bows to enhance the front of your card.