Writing online for websites and blogs can be a very lucrative career; however most people simply subsidize their income with some extra money from writing online. You can work hard and build up a large income from online writing that can allow you to work fulltime as a writer; however most people never reach this point. People tend to either quit or burnout from writing so much.

There are many ways to make money writing online and most of these will afford you the option of either receiving money up front or residual pay. With upfront pay you are basically a ghostwriter. You will write the article and then sell full rights to the person who buys the article. They then own the article and can even place their own name on it as the author. Writing for upfront pay is often the quickest way for new internet writers to build up their income from writing. The option is writing for passive income.

Passive income is where you keep ownership of the articles you write and publish online, but then you earn money from advertising. You will earn much less money initially, but over time you will earn more than if you had simply sold the article after you wrote it. Instead of getting say $15.00 for the article, you will get no money upfront but then earn a little bit on it each month. You may earn $1.00 per month with the article which is not a lot, but if you have a huge portfolio of articles published you will begin to see your income rising each month. In order to make $1,000 or more in passive and residual income it will take a lot of work but it can be done.



InfoBarrel is the website you are on now. InfoBarrel is a great way for writers of all skill levels to increase their residual income and increase their writing skills. You publish articles on InfoBarrel and will earn money with Google Adsense, Chitika, Amazon Affiliates, and you can even promote other affiliate programs that you are involved with. In order to earn money with InfoBarrel you need to realize it will take consistent work. Initially you will earn little to no money, but if you keep working hard and publishing articles you will see your income rise each month. Sign up for InfoBarrel and begin writing for residual pay.


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Having your own blog is a great way to help you build up an income from writing. For the motivated person blogging is one of the best ways to make thousands of dollars each month. Initially your income will be very little, but if you keep writing interesting content for your blog on a regular basis and continue to get return visitors then eventually you will see your earnings become huge.

Most bloggers will use Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an easy program to use to earn money with your blog. You can use a variety of blogging platforms, but I suggest you use your own domain name and hosting. You can use hosting such as Hawkhost that has auto install programs to install the WordPress blogging software.

Most bloggers focus on a niche. If you blog revolves around a general topic you will tend to earn more money. Find a subject you are passionate about and then do your blog on that. If you love to skateboard then you can do a blog on skating and have tons of ideas for article posts.



If you need some money to pay some bills this month then take a look at Textbroker. Textbroker allows you to write articles for their customers and get paid for it. Sometimes that article topics are very sparse, but other times you will find a lot of articles that need written. If you are motivated you can earn a lot of money grinding it out on Textbroker, even if you are only a level 3 writer. Most writers on Textbroker will be rated between a 2-4 star writer. The higher your rating the higher your income earnings potential.

Textbroker is a great website for new writers to learn how to write web content for customers and get paid for it. Textbroker also has a lot of experienced writers that like to use the platform because it is easy for them to earn money each month writing.



Bubblews is the new kid on the block. It is a hybrid of different models. Bubblews is supported by Adsense, but unlike InfoBarrel all the Adsense earnings go to the owner. Bubblews will pay you by PayPal and you will earn at least $10.00 for every thousand visitors. You also get paid for article comments and sharing the posts on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Most people on Bubblews will earn at least $12.00 per thousand visitors.

Bubblews allows you to write about almost any topic. The best earners on Bubblews write unique content and constantly share it on their social networks. Minimum payout is only $25.00 and Bubblews pays quickly into your PayPal account. You can receive multiple payouts each month. Bubblews allows you to basically build up residual income quicker than if you were running your own blog.

Formatting is very limited on Bubblews; however you can still earn some nice money with this website and do it quickly.


The best tactics for new writers is to use a combination of methods to earn money. You may choose to use Textbroker for up front pay, InfoBarrel for long-term residual pay, and Bubblews for some extra money. Feel free to split up your work where some of your day is dedicated to building up residual income and part of the day is writing articles for upfront pay on websites such as Textbroker. If you can focus and work 8 hours a day constantly writing new articles then you will improve your odds of succeeding in this business.