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Feng shui (pronounced 'fung schway') has captivated quite a following ever since it started almost 6000 years ago in China.  The first devotees were mainly the rich and royalty, but as time passed, its knowledge and popularity spread.  Today, it is used by many people all over Asia and the world. 

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is the balance and harmony of "chi" or "qi" – the natural flow of energies in our surroundings.  Its goal is to promote a positive balance between the good (yang) and bad (ying). 

You've probably heard these terms before - ying and yang.  In Chinese mythology, ying and yang are the two principles that control life.  The feminine side is Ying and is known for dark, nurturing, and yielding while masculine Yang is light, active, and dry.  When one ends, the other begins in another great circle of life.

This balancing act is done by positioning buildings and furniture to achieve a smooth flow of energy.  Crystals and mirrors are added in certain areas to help maximize the effects.  Blockages are minimized to ensure this flow is unabated, giving the residents full access to the power of the chi.

Some say that controlling the "chi" means controlling your destiny while others believe that it is just another myth in need of being busted.  Even then, a small but profitable industry has recently sprung up around the idea of getting feng shei out to the people.  There are many websites, books, and companies out there, some making crazy claims about their abilities while other remaining quiet but diligent in their task. 

How can I use feng shui to improve my health / finances  / relationships / etc.?

There are many things that you can do to improve your life but to really maximize feng shui's effect, you should seek out a feng shui master.  He (or she) will evaluate your home and make suggestions on how to improve your chi.  To find a local master, search online or ask around your local Asian neighborhood for referrals.

If no one is available in your area, you will probably have to go it alone.  Don't worry – there are many books and websites out there to help you.  Some online sites are even willing to provide consultation services from afar.  Of course, ask for references before paying for any services.
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Here are some generic tips to get your started on the road to perfect Fung Shui:
  • Minimize the numbers of items in a room.  Minimalism is the key when it comes to opening up the flow of energy in your home.
  • Cut back on the clutter too.  This will probably not only help the chi flow but also lower your stress levels.
  • Keep your home clean.  Dirt and grime can slow down chi.
  • Furniture should have a good view of the door but not actually face the door head-on.  That can bring on too much chi at one time, overwhelming you and the room.
  • Make sure there is enough clearance under the furniture to allow the chi to circulate under and around better.
  • When you're ready to declutter and cleaning, start with the smaller areas, like drawers and closets, and then work your way up to whole rooms.