An Introduction to InfoBarrel

Beginner's Guide Crafted for Newbies!

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Congratulations, you've just recently discovered InfoBarrel! This article is created as a guide to InfoBarrel, which is both a social-networking and content-publishing website. Once registered you can start submiting original articles that you've written. Advertising companies will then place ads on the pages you've written. These ads generate revenue - the amount depends on the quality of the article - which is then shared between the author and the website, InfoBarrel.

You can also do some social-networking on this website too. Members can add each other as friends, which made it easier to follow each other's activities as well as their article submissions. You can also use InfoBarrel's private messaging system (PM) to contact other members. Plus, the forum is active and is well-mannered, all this without any moderator intervention. So, use it properly to discuss with other writers who may be interested in your articles, especially if they are about niche, or specific, topics.

This article is intended for those who are new to InfoBarrel (IB). Those who are experienced or have been here for a while may look elsewhere, though it doesn't hurt to read on and see if this guide can be improved, through your posts on the comments section below.

This guide will be divided into several sections. They are in this order:

  • Intro to Content Publishing Sites
  • What is InfoBarrel?
  • Earning Potential
  • Registration on AdSense
  • General Guide to the IB Forums
  • 10-article Submission
  • What You Should Expect
  • Conclusion

Intro to Content Publishing Sites

There are many names of terms for this kind of websites, but i'll be using "content publishing" here simply because that's what they are most of the time - sites were you publish content.

Generally, what differs this site from others like Wikia and Wikipedia is that they give commission for your work. See, content publishing sites have ads strategically placed on their pages. Depending on the types and the provider of these ads, they generate revenue for the website, which then share them with the writer. What differs between all of them is how much commission they give to the writer, as well as their transparancy in doing so.

That's the major problem on some of these sites, is that their payment processes are not clearly indicated properly or, hidden between long swathes of the "Terms and Conditions" jungle, renderring them unreadable to most visitors trying to cut a path through the wilderness. Therefore, most will just skip the boring part, making them tied to an unfair contract where their hard work are not paid fairly, and sometimes, just get stolen by unscrupulous webmasters.

Other than that, though, the two general rule of these sites is that the more work you put, the more you will earn. The second is that works like these is more of an investment, they need time to generate income. So it can be said that many detractors of content publishing sites post their criticism because they are not patient enough - just posting several poorly-thought articles and hoping for cash to flow in just doesn't work.

So in conclusion, work hard and work smart - and read guidelines, tips, tricks and user experiences - like this one!

What is InfoBarrel?

InfoBarrel User PanelCredit: Author's screenshot

The picture above is the what appears on the top of your IB page after you have registered and logged in.

You may have a some basic knowledge about InfoBarrel if you browse around, or read the part in the intro above. This section will shed more light on IB.

InfoBarrel is a Web 2.0 content publishing site. If you've ever heard of names like EHow, Squidoo or Suite101, then IB belongs to the same category, where people write articles in exchange for some sort of reward. Anyone can write, and write well here. You don't have to be 'highly-knowledgeable scholar' or have a 'university degree' to write. As long as you know your way around Grammartown, or are experienced in driving the car of knowledge, you're all set here. This is the Web 2.0 era, where all users can contribute to the web!

Even if you feel you're not qualified, fret not, as the IB community is always here to help you out. Just make sure your posts on the forum is readable, and well-thought. By doing so, others will surely lend a hand. Even if you're not looking for help, you can just hang out there, read the many tips provided or just spend the time talking with the nice folks there about stuffs unrelated to IB, as there's a part in the forum reserved for that too.

You can contribute any kind of articles here, as long as they are informative and not just out to post spam links or merely advertising products, especially those shady items with little user opinions. Plus, the 10 early articles here are edited and rated using human eyes, so there's no low quality articles pumped out. This is also useful if you're a newbie, where IB editors will dispense some advice no why your article was rejected.

More on this article filtering later on. Now, to the money-making potential!

Earning Potential

Alright, this is probably everyone's favourite part! It's safe to assume that most people here are looking to get extra cash by writing online, in exchange for their literary skills. Yes, you will get money on InfoBarrel, but it's not as easy or quick as you thought at early on.

The bad news first. IB will not make you rich quick or earn more than your day jobs - not that fast. Generally, it takes around 6 months, or 100 articles (whichever comes first), before you see anything more than a stable 10 dollar or two per month. This varies depending on the quality of your articles, and the promotion you've made, though. Furthermore, some members here are really making hundreds or dollars per month, but only after months or years of work. This is because, as stated earlier, IB is more of an investment. It takes time to mature properly and to see real money dropping in. If you're in for only a short term, look elsewhere for other opportunities.

AdSense earnings early on

Now the good news! IB's a good way to earn money (part-time or otherwise) because it almost involves only writing quality articles. No need for extra skills like programming, intricate drawing skills or even working in hazardous environments to make money here. All the admins at IB want is just a regular and constant submission of quality articles, and you're set. Plus, your earnings will also increase if you've made a name here - that means more people will look on to you for advice or just to view your quality articles.

Furthermore, IB pays a higher percentage compared to other sites - 75% of ad revenue. For example, if an articles earns 10 dollars, you get 7.50 dollars, and the rest goes to the website owner, used to keep IB going. In fact, if you're really active, you can increase it up to 90%! Just write around 7 articles with 1000 words each, per month to keep up the high ad sharing percentage.

There are also other revenue sources, for example by becoming a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program on InfoBarrel. However, try not to market things on InfoBarrel early on. Build up a good reputation first so that people will trust you to review products, especially expensive or medical products.

And to answer the question "Does InfoBarrel pays its writer?" Well, not really! As stated above, revenues are generated through ad clicks and affiliate sales, meaning earnings are paid directly by Google, Amazon and Chitika, and does not pass through the managers or any person at IB. So rest assured, IB is not a scam at all. 

So, the more you write, the more you earn. No quick ways to riches here, and most of opportunities like that on the internet are scams and rip offs anyway. 

A major percentage of IB's earnings are paid through Google's Adsense service, discussed below.

Registration on AdSense

AdSense picture


What makes IB more transparent than similar websites is that it uses Google AdSense as its payment channel. This means that you are paid straight from Google. You wouldn't doubt the Google, would you? :)

There's already an article on applying for AdSense here written by one of the admins on IB. You can see the admins picture here!

Some important information to take note, however.

  • Please use your real information. Using fake info may lead to your AdSense account being eventually banned, and all is lost from that on.
  • Only apply for an AdSense account once at a time.
  • Only one account per person.
  • AdSense account is different from your main Google Account, so you have to apply for AdSense even if you already have registered with Google (GMail, YouTube, Google Docs).

Introduction to the InfoBarrel Forums

The InfoBarrel forum is divided into nine sections. You can access these parts directly using the links provided.

Official informations and updates from the administration is placed here.
Post here if you need a helping hand.
Tips & Tricks  
This is where experienced members share their knowledge. Heed to their advice!
Bugs and Ideas  
See that there's something not right on the site? Tell in to the admins here.
Grammar & Spelling Tips  
If English isn't your strong point, take a walk on this section.
Make yourself known and say hello here :)
Off Topic  
Having a writer's block? Looking for article ideas? Or just plain bored? Vent it out here!
Article Reviews  
If you're ready for some criticism and looking for improvements, tread here. Careful, don't upset other people and take their nags politely.
Contests & Challenges  
Current running contests can be viewed here. You can also dare other people with your challenges! ;)

Clicking the "Forum" button on the top of the page brings you to the page where the latest threads are displayed, judged by the last time someone posted on it. This is another way of seeing how many active people are here, though many lurkers exists and rarely posts. Just make sure you're posting in the correct section on the InfoBarrel forum.

10-article Submission

What makes IB unique compared to other similar sites out there is that it practices what is called a "pre-approved writer" list. Simply put, to root out spammy articles, low-quality writers and other hooligans, new writers will have their articles passed through a quality check using human eyes. Only if that articles satisfies IB's official guidelines and terms, that it will be placed officially on the site, allowing humans to read it and search engines to index it so it appears on their listing. There is a 10-article limit placed on new writers. If you've passed that limit, it means that you're a quality writer, and from that moment on, all your submissions and edits will go live immediately!

This means that IB will rank higher on search engine's listing sooner or later because of this quality control. See, sometime ago, Google implemented a new algorithm in their search engines (unoficially called "Google Panda"), and consequently these set of algorithms removed low-quality sites from their rankings, especially the so-called "content farms". Many cried out against this implementations, after seeing many page simply disappear from Google's search results, but Google did this in order to ensure only high quality sites earn the coveted first place on their rankings. They're an advertising company first of all, so this ensures only good websites will have ads on their pages.

So fret not, even if your pages are not earning much, just keep up the quality work, edit your articles to the high standards they deserve and see the views flow in later!

What You Should Expect

IB takes time, both to learn navigating the editing and writing maze, as well as waiting for the earnings to come in.

If you're consistent in your efforts, for example by producing one article per day, expect to have the finalized earnings counter in AdSense's page to rise one month after you start writing. Don't be turned off, however, even if aren't earning early on. Just keep working and you'll see your effort rewarded soon enough. This is because IB is still a 'young' website. In other words, it still had to compete with more established websites such as EHow, Hubpages or Suite101. One thing that will differentiate it between the oldies, though, is the quality check it offers. So won't be long before it gets to the top, as Google will only want quality pages - one without stolen copyrighted content or poor grammar.

On average, consistent writers here earn around between 400 to 500 a month after a certain time. This figure may go up significantly higher, depending on your backlinking attempts and keyword research. The top earner on IB earned more than 2500 dollars, monthly!

You can expect to go up to 6 month before you get to earn 400 dollars, earning only a little beforehand, though it may be enough to keep you going. So hang on for a long ride!

InfoBarrel's Company Headquarters

Hinzie Media Inc.

Article's Conclusion

Well, this is quite a read, isn't it? I hope you readers have learnt something through this article. I'm glad having a part in making your decision, as well as walking you through early steps in InfoBarrel.

To summarize:

  • InfoBarrel is content publishing site. They earn money for you in exchange for articles.
  • Payment is made through Google. Don't expect a sudden rush of cash, though.
  • Remember to sign up for AdSense, and place your published ID properly. 
  • The forum is friendly to everyone, and the community is great!
  • Hang out for the long term. No get-rich-quick schemes here.
  • Produce only quality and original articles.
  • Overall, have a good time. Enjoy your stay here :)

Sign up for IB through this link.

For those who have registered, please leave your thoughts on this article below, especially if you have something that can be used to improve this article. This concludes the Beginner's Guide to InfoBarrel. Good luck!