What Is JadeDynasty?

     JadeDynasty is a MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing game) that is free to download and free to play.

What Is An MMORPG?

      It is a game that can be played by more than one individual across the world. However some have different servers so not everyone will find themselves talking to someone of a different nationality. It is however a game where one can interact with real people over the game system.

Is It Really Free?

     Yes, JadeDynasty is free. You do not need to pay to download it, nor do you need to pay to play it. However there is an optional cash shop where one can purchase special items that others may or may not get from quests during game-play.

I Thought PvE Meant Player vs. Environment?

     Perhaps in some games you've played, it does. However in JadeDynasty PvE means Player vs. Everything. PvP still means Player vs. Player. That's why when you leave a safe zone like a city or town it will have a red pop-up on your screen warning you that you're leaving a safe zone and may be attacked by other players.

What's In The Cash Shop?

    • Gift Packs, which include a number of things. Each one carries something different.

    • Remedies which are for energy, buff, vigor, health and spirit. Each remedy works in a different way to help you and your character on whatever quests or grinding you're doing.

    • Functional are items which can be used for purposes of function, refinery, teleport, expertise or gem embedding.

    • Fashion for body, hair, feet and mask. These clothes are for show, not really for armor. There are clothes in-game that make your character look as though they're wearing something different and they are. These in-game dropped clothes however usually aid one in their attack, or defense and possibly other areas. The ones in the cash shop (market place) however are as it says, for the fashion.

    • Mount/Pet is for mounts, mount aids, skyblade pets, pet soul and pet aids. Mounts are what you ride on, while pets also attack enemies while they're summoned. Skyblades, like mounts depending on the mount can fly. However it is important to note that while one is on a Mount they can still attack, but while on a Skyblade one cannot attack.

    • Material is used for Espers, Esper aids, gem, skill, affinity and storage purposes.

    • Misc is for chat and fireworks. Mostly the chat is for different types of smilies while fireworks can be used just for fun.

How Do I Get Cash Shop Gold And Silver To Pay In The Cash Shop?

      In order to get the Market Place Gold and Silver, you need to Charge while in the game on the Market Place after purchasing Zen. Zen can be bought either on a prepaid Perfect World card which can be purchased at certain stores. These stores include GameStop, Wal-mart, 7-Eleven, Target, RiteAide, Walgreens, Best Buy, Future Shop, Jean Coutu and Duane Reade.

     Due to Perfect World having more than one game, you need to sign into JadeDynasty in order to charge the Zen into Jaden which is JadeDynasty's Cash Shop (Market Place) gold and silver.

What Kind Of Character Can I Be?

     You can choose either to be a Human or an Athan during character creation. Each one then has five different character types to choose from – not all of them are good as there are some that are evil.

      The Athan have five different factions to choose from and those five are Balo, Arden, Celan, Rayan and Forta. Balo is the melee class. Arden is the archer class. Celan is the healing class. Rayan is the assassin class. Finally, the Forta isn't known about quite as much, but they love to use their fists.

      The Humans have six different factions to choose from and those six are Vim, Lupin, Jadeon, Skysong, Modo and Incense Mage. Vim is considered the faction for 'tanks'. Lupin is considered the main melee faction. Jadeon is considered to be within the melee faction, but with a further range than the Vim. Skysong is the healing faction. Modo is the shape-shifting faction. Finally, the Incense Mage is the magic faction.

     Every faction is unique on its own, but when put together as a team they can really be an unstoppable force against the monsters that roam the lands of JadeDynasty.

What Should I Do When First In The Game?

      This really depends on which faction you choose. For those who choose to be of the Athan race, no matter the faction you'll find yourself in the Divine Realm. Find Guli the Senior in the Divine Realm and speak with him, he is a very important NPC.

     However, if you choose to be of the Human Race you'll find yourself in Jadeon. Whilst in Jadeon you should find the NPC Tanis Ka.

     It shouldn't take more than a day to get to levels between 20 and 30 when doing the quests that are available throughout both maps. Don't just go and attack the monsters only, do the quests or it'll take a lot longer to level up.

     When you're not at the computer you can either let your character do auto attacks when they're equipped with an Esper, or have them meditate while in a safe zone. When a character is meditating they are gaining experience points.

How Do I Meditate?

     There is a small button in the right hand corner of the screen, next to the mini map compass. It is below the coordinates and looks like a tiny green man sitting or floating. Click on it when in a safe zone like a city to be able to meditate.

How Do I Start Or Join A Party?

     You can start a party or ask to join one, by clicking on a players character. You will find tiny buttons below their stats, icon and name. There will be four of them. One of the buttons you can press to ask the other player to form a party. They can then choose either to accept or to decline.

And Rememeber to Never Split the Party