As the world around us evolves with every waking breath, many things lack the modern edge and are left to collect dust in the attic. Monopoly, however, is not one of them. It is a timeless classic that has entertained and been enjoyed by families and friends alike since the 1930’s. Here is a guide to teach those of you who never got the chance how to play monopoly. (Note: this guide is based on the UK version)

Monopoly Setup

The game of monopoly is played on the monopoly board made up of forty spaces which fall into these sections:

-          Twenty-two coloured streets

-          Four railway stations

-          Two Utilities

-          Three Chance spaces/Three Community Chest spaces

-          Four Corner Squares

-          Luxury Tax and Income Tax spaces

Players choose their token (options range from car to boot to dog etc) and are each given an amount of money at the start of the game. One player is assigned as the banker who is in control of the money and also completing the property transactions. When the game begins, the players take turns to roll the two dice and move around the monopoly board, starting from the GO corner square. Landing on the different squares present options such as paying/receiving money, buying properties, going to jail or taking a chance/community card.

Chance squareCredit: www.londonist.comCredit:

The Monopoly Sets

A set refers to a full collection of property cards. E.g. the yellow set would include the three yellow properties. If a player has a set they are able to purchase houses and then hotels, which boost the amount of rent they receive if someone lands on their property (the rent is displayed on the property card). The most expensive set on the monopoly board is the dark blues; Mayfair and Park Lane.

Basic Strategy

Simply speaking, the aim of the game of monopoly is to either be the last one standing (everyone else has been bankrupt), or have the most amount of total cash if the game is timed.  The most efficient way to do that is to get a set of colours and then build houses and hotels once you can afford them. My personal favourite is the orange set as they are reasonably priced and can give good rent once a few houses have been purchased. 


Key Monopoly Rules

Just a few Monopoly rules to be aware of when you play the game of Monopoly:

-          When a player passes GO they are entitled to £200.

-          If a double is rolled then the player can roll again. However, if three doubles are rolled the player must go straight to jail.

-          To decide who starts all players roll and the highest number starts.

-          Getting out of jail requires a ‘Get of Jail free’ card, a double roll or a £50 fine. If the player is not out after three turns they must pay the fine regardless.


Well that's all, I hope you have learnt a thing or two and have been inspired to get playing Monopoly!