Pinterest has been around for several years.  Ben Silbermann developed it in 2009.  Recently it has become one of the major social media sites.  I just discovered Pinterest this year of 2012.  I am very glad that I did.  The Pinterest office is two blocks from the University Avenue Caltrain in Palo Alto, California.   They have openings for Engineers and Product Designers.   Should anyone be looking for employment?

When I started on Pinterest, I just did not see the point.   It did not take long to catch on though.   Pinterest is free and you can join by invitation from another Pinterest member.   I   started by looking at what others had pinned and then I evolved from there.   

There is Pinterest 101 in the help section.  You definitely want to visit there.  This section was very helpful to me.   There is a drop-down menu in the right top corner that says Add +, about, then your name /and profile picture.   Click on about and then click on help.   Here you will see Pinning 101.   This tells you what a pin is, how to install the “Pin it” button to your website or article, what is a board, and what is following.  It is quite like Facebook, except you are pinning, commenting, and liking pictures.   

What are your interests?   This is a place that you can pin pictures of your favorite interest, recipes, places to go, and various other things.

Repining a board

Pinterest makes it simple for you to pin.  See something in Pinterest you like, once you have joined just click on it, then click the repin button, then create a board by giving it a name, make any comments in the board that you want, and then save it.  It is just that simple.  You decide the title for your board.

Editing Board

You can always edit your board by clicking on edit; you can even change the title, description, and enter the category for you pin to come under such as Men’s apparel, education, food, or a number of other categories. Then click on save settings at the bottom.

Set Price

If you have a product that you are endorsing or selling from your blog or an affiliate, you can enter the price of the product at the end of your description and it will automatically post the amount on the product for you.    Nearly everything in Pinterest is easy with the click of the mouse.   I really like that feature.

Set Board Cover

Once you have pinned several pictures, you may decide this one particular pin is the feature that you want people to see first when they come to your board.   Just let your mouse hover almost to the middle of the page and you will see “set board cover.”  Just click on it and then click on “set cover.” You will see a message that says, “Saved.”  

Deleting Board

Suppose you pinned a board and decided you changed your mind or you pinned a picture in error.  I have done that.   Do not worry.  You can cut that board.  Just click on boards in the drop down menu under your profile name, click on boards, then click on edit board, then click on deletes board in the upper right hand corner.

Deleting Pin

Should you decide to cut a pin that you pinned just click on the item, then click edit pin, in the upper right corner click on delete pin.   It is just as simple as that.

So do not be afraid of Pinterst.  If you make a mistake, you can always correct it.

Upload a Pin

If there are pictures on your computer or articles from a website that you would like to pin on your board, just click the Add+ button in the upper right hand corner, then click on uploads a pin. 


Do you have a favorite video that you like?   Pin it on your Pinterest board. 

Pinterest Toolbar

When you look under the About Section in the upper right corner, click on the Goodies Section.  Here a video walks you through installing the toolbar for Firefox browsers. You drag the pin it button to your Firefox bookmarks bar.  The great thing about this is when you are on the web and see a picture you can just click on pin it from your drop down Firefox bookmark and pin in instantly.   It is so quick and easy.  

I really enjoy how people are not afraid to share the great things that they have found.

Feel free to browse through my Pinterest board and I will be glad to send you an invitation should you decide to join.   Just click on the Follow me on Pinterest below.

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