What Is WolfQuest?

     WolfQuest is a PC simulation game. One can either play it by themselves, or with other people online. It costs nothing to download and there is no subscription fee. It may be a short game, but it is challenging.

     It was created by The Minnesota Zoo and eduweb in order to teach others about the behavior and ecology of wolves. It was designed for anyone between the ages of nine and adulthood.

     Due to its scientific information, there are entities willing to support both its development and server usage. This, so that it is free for others to play and learn about the lives of wolves.

How Do I Join WolfQuest?

     In order to join, one simply needs to go to the WolfQuest website and download the game. One can then choose whether to make an account or not for the websites forum. There are those who play whom never venture onto the website. Then there are others who find people there with whom to discuss wolves and the game with.

     After one has downloaded the game, they just need to open the file and once its completely downloaded its immediately playable.

What Do I Do On WolfQuest?

     There are a number of things to do on the WolfQuest game. Not as much as some games, but it is a short game. It is however fun and informative as it portrays a realistic look at the behavior and ecology of real wolves.

      First, upon starting the game, you'll be asked to choose your computers resolution. Usually 800 x 600 is good, but it depends on the computer and ones preference.

     You will also be prompted to chose the graphics quality. The better and newer both your graphics card and computer is overall the better quality you can choose. Most can probably choose Simple or Good, but the less quality chosen, the faster the game will run.

     Furthermore, on the start-up screen of the WolfQuest game one can choose whether the game is to be windowed, or to take up the whole monitor's screen.

     Besides the graphics on the start-up of the game, one can click the input tab and learn what buttons on the keyboard and mouse do what. In the game you can always hit escape to check your options again, or the ? to get to the help screen.

      Next you can choose either to play single player or multiplayer. However, for beginners it might be a good idea to start out as a single player in order to get used to the game and its controls.

     You'll then be asked to start a new game, or continue a previous game. However considering you're just a beginner, you wont have had a previous game saved.

     Once you click on start a new game, you'll then be prompted to name your wolf, chose its coat color and its stats for strength, stamina and speed. Don't forget to decide whether your wolf is male or female. Females are smaller than males, but it doesn't really matter which you choose.

      After you've decided on your wolf, push play. Your first quest is to find a mate. However before you can do that, you'll need to explore and meet other wolves that are still in packs and not a dispersal wolf like yours. Only after that will you be able to find another dispersal wolf. In between that time however, your wolf will get hungry and so you will need to hunt. Be careful however as a wolf can die during a hunt or be killed by a bear.

      Once you've read the pop up detailing the quest for a mate, you can click 'Begin Quest'. Another pop up will then appear, this is to show you what buttons on the keyboard are used to move, bite, run, howl, sleep and more.

     Scent view is particularly important when trying to find food and other wolves who left their scent trail behind. Plus it will also tell you if a predator, like a bear is nearby.

     Then, after closing out of that, you'll finally begin and see the front of your wolf. However after that what you'll see will usually just be your wolves POV of the world around him or her. It is then time to begin your adventure. Through playing your wolf, you'll learn more about the lives of wolves, how they survive and what they need to do in order to survive.

      The only food available to your wolf is that of Elk and Rabbit. Rabbit's are only good for one bite and therefore just a snack. Sometimes though snacks come in handy when no other food sources are around.

     During the time when one has not yet found a mate, one should also learn to kill coyotes and chase off bears. The reason for this, is because they will eat the resulting pups you may later have. Knowing how to get rid of them, will help in the long run. Although bears until then are really to be avoided as they will chase after you. A wolf cannot kill a bear, but they can still manage to chase them off. Just watch your health and stamina bars when attempting such.

     The easiest way to get food, instead of hunting, is to eat Elk which are already dead. This saves time, stamina and health. It's less dangerous, especially as a lone wolf who hasn't yet found a mate with which to start a new pack with.

     It is only after you've visited all three pack territories that you'll finally be able to look for a mate. You might not find one the first try, as they may not be the right gender to begin a pack with. The pack territories that you should have visited at least once each are Soda Butte Vista, Grassy Plain and Amethyst Mountain. Using the map may help you to find each one quicker. However for those who like more of a challenge, deciding not to use the map at all will make it a bit more difficult. That is, difficult to remember where one was and where one next needs to go.

What Happens After I Find A Mate For My Wolf?

     After you've found a mate for your wolf, you'll then need to find a territory. There are about three different territories to chose from as they each have a spot to make into a den for the next generation. The most difficult part of all, comes after the den has been chosen. This is because their will be puppies born and there will always be predators after them.

     Not only does one have to take care that the puppies don't get eaten by coyotes or bears, one has to mark their territory and hunt. Not hunting can lead to starvation, not marking ones territory can lead to other wolves wanting to fight. Both can result in death. Dieing means losing the game.

     Once the puppies are better behaved and know not to wander off, the territory remains marked and all are full its time to make a journey. A journey to a different hunting ground. A journey which is dangerous, not because of coyotes and bears alone. No, there is a new predator, a bird of prey. Those who manage to get all pups and mate to the hunting grounds safely, will have won.

     This is the most difficult part of the game, thanks to the predator with wings, wide open spaces and of course pups that like to wander. It is possible to get them all to safety, but it is extremely difficult and one might have to try over and over again before saving all their pups. This is perhaps why its best to constantly save and have more than one place where they saved the game.

     One can get to the save button, by hitting escape which will draw up the options screen for this simulation game.