Beginners Tips for Girls First Birthday Photo Invitations

What an absolute delight it is to know that your little girl is crossing the one year mark in a matter of a few days. You are obviously very, very happy about this awesome landmark and the best way to let the world know about is to throw a small or big party for her. The first step for that is 'invitations' and in this article, we see a few things about your girls first birthday photo invitations.

Now why should you choose photo invitations over traditional ones? The answer is quite simple; it is a much more vivid form of invitation. Who would not like to see a cute photo of the birthday queen, your daughter on the invitations? Moreover, you will find that people today prefer photo invitations to the traditional text only invitations more often than not.

Creating a photo birthday invitation doesn't simply mean slapping your child's photo on to a regular invitation. Photo invitations represent and invoke a much deeper feeling of the beauty of the occasion. Also you can express much more in a photo invitation than with an old style invitation. You can make your girl's first birthday photo invitations compelling for the visitors, by using photos intelligently.

Now you might be confused as to what photo you will use to embed in the birthday photo invitation. That decision is entirely yours and will be a function of your taste and style. You first need to determine what theme your kid's birthday party will have or will it have any theme at all? In case you don't choose a particular theme, you can simply use your favorite photo of your child.

Themes for your daughter's birthday party abound. You have so many options including the all-pervasive Barbie and Cinderella! In fact, any theme with girly pink as its base color would go well for the girl's birthday invitation. To choose one, imagine which theme your daughter will like from what you know. Then you can use that theme for the photo invitation as well.

If you are looking for simplicity in your daughter's birthday photo invitations, you can choose a design with a single card. This card may have a cute photo of your girl in the center. The details of the party such as the date, time, venue etc. can be written out in the adjoining spaces. If you would like so, shade the invitation in pink and insert a pretty poem of your choice.

On the other hand, you could also choose multiple pictures for your girls first birthday photo invitations. Here you can take the opportunity to show your angel in different costumes or casual dresses with her in different moods and add another fun element to the final invitation.

The basic principle behind photo invitations is that instead of you inviting guests to the party, you let your child invite them through the photo. Your girl's cute and innocent eyes will reach out to people much more than mere words.