Credit: Real Racing screen capture

This is a brief guide for racers new to the awesomeness of Real Racing. I share some tips and ideas on how to make quicker progress through the game, without necessarily spending any real money. 

These tips are based on Real Racing 3, the latest version, available on iOS and Android. My tips are based on my iPad experience of the game.

If you're completely new to the game, RR3 is a simulation-type racing game, with a wide variety of racing cars and tracks and excellent graphics. You can race online against your friends and other players or practice your skills offline. Progress through the game depends on gathering enough prize money and gold to buy new cars and upgrade the existing cars in your garage. The races are organized in various racing series and you can gain valuable money/gold completion bonuses by completing 25%, 50%, etc. of the races in a series.

The following tips will help you on your way to putting some sweet rides into your garage.

  • #1: Practice, practice

I know, it's pretty obvious, but you need some basic driving skills.  Every car is different, in terms of handling, so it's a good idea at first to stick to a couple of cars and get used to the feel of the game and the driving dynamics. 

  • #2: This is not a demolition derby

Yep, its fun smashing into other cars, but it's not the fastest way to get around the track. Damage slows you down, costs money and takes valuable time to repair (which you can rather spend racing). That said, if I have to nudge someone out of the way to get onto the podium, it's usually worth it! One other thing - drifting around the corners looks cool on the replays, but you will lose speed and time.

Upgrade carefullyCredit: Real Racing 3
  • #3: Strategic upgrades

RR3 offers various upgrade options on the cars available. Engine, drivetrain, body and tyres are just some of the available options, with different levels of upgrade for each option. The first few upgrades costs money, becoming progressively more expensive, with the last upgrades mostly costing you some gold. I usually try to get away with as few upgrades as possible, but to make progress you will have to upgrade to keep up with other players. In my experience engine upgrades become very expensive, very quickly, while I get more value out of upgrades to the tyres, exhaust, suspension, etc. Depending on the track, top end speed is not as important as being able to brake very late before a turn and accelerate quickly coming out again.

  • #4: Completion bonuses

Completing 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of a race series nets you money and gold bonuses. To be able to complete a series you will have to buy all the cars in a specific series (normally about 4 cars) to be able to complete a series. I usually buy 1 or 2 cars, upgrade those and go for a 75% completion bonus. Going for 100% takes a lot more time, effort and money/gold and I'd rather compete in the next available series.

  • #5: Offline racing

If making progress through the game is you aim, race the tougher races in offline mode. The competition is not as strong and you will achieve much easier podium finishes. More (and higher) podium finishes, more money, more completion bonuses. Simple!

  • #6: Daily racing bonus

Most important tip: RR3 awards you a daily racing bonus for playing on consecutive days. It is higher every day and after a few days you will get a 100% bonus for your first race of the day. You can keep this level if you race at least once a day. This is where you need to cash in. Pick a relatively easy race, with a big enough reward (a race with lots of competitors, not a drag race, head to head, etc.) and hire a manager / agent to double up your race earnings/fame. The doubling of your race earnings with the help of the manager only kicks in if you win, so choose a race you're confident of winning.

 That's it! These tips should help you on your way to putting a supercar or two in your racing garage. See you on the track!