basic man

So you've created a pretty basic stick man and now you want to add some detail. Some feet (or a foot, anyway, since he has that peg leg) would be nice, and nobody has a head that round, so we'll make it more egg-shaped. When we're done, he'll start to look more realistic, though not complete quite yet.

Extend The Arms


This is where we give our stick man elbows. So we go back to Edit Mode. You can see that the cubes are still present even though we created subdivisions in my last article, in which we actually created the stick man. That's because we haven't actually applied the subdivisions yet. But more on that later.

What we want to do now is rotate the view so that we see the top of the stick man and also deselect the head by hitting A. Now we select the Face Select Mode icon on the 3D View header and select the top face on the cubes at the end of each arm. Now we extrude those arms along the Z axis by six Blender units, so it looks like this:



Make A Foot


Now that he has elbows and forearms (of sorts), let's give our pirate a foot on his good leg. So I select the “front” face of the bottom cube of his good leg, hit W to pull up the Specials menu and select Subdivide. This gives us four equal divisions of this face. Now I select the bottom two of the new subdivisions and protrude them outward by 2 Blender units. Rotate the view a little bit, and I see that this gives him a reasonably sized foot.


Make The Head Egg-Shaped

Edge Select

Now I want to make the head a little more realistically shaped. So I find the Edge Select Mode icon on the 3D View toolbar, where my mouse is pointed at the bottom of the 3D View toolbar in the above screenshot, and also disable the Occlude Geometry view. Now I make sure I'm looking at the front of my stick man and select the bottom vertex that I actually see on the head.

Cursor To Selected

Now I use SHIFT + S to pull up the Snap menu and select Cursor to Selected. Now that the cursor is where I want it, I make it the pivot point by going to Pivot Point drop-down box on the 3D View header and selecting the 3D Cursor option. If you accidentally left-click and move the cursor away from this point (and right-clicking to select something does take some getting used to), re-select the same vertex you had before and use the Snap menu to move the cursor back.


I select the entire icosphere by using CTRL + L. This selects all the edges that are linked to the original vertex I had selected. It won't matter whether there is one or a hundred vertices between your original edge and another edge in the distance. If it's linked, it'll be selected by using CTRL + L.


Now we want to scale this icosphere along the Z-axis by hitting S, and then hitting Z if it isn't already locked to the Z-axis. As you can see in the above screenshot, the head is already more egg-shaped. Blender sees the place where I have my 3D Cursor as the “center” of the scaling operation. So, when the icosphere is egg-shaped enough for me, I hit Enter.

What Our Man Looks Like Now


So he's actually starting to look less like a stick man. In future articles, I'll start adding details like a hat, get started on his face and make that peg leg look like wood.