Dowsing is an accient art that is still used today.  It is used to help people find lost items, water, oil, and many things.  You can use pendulums, rod, anything that swings in a circle to get answers.  

When picking an instrument, pendulum or rod, you have a certain way to hold it.  For the pendulum you need to make sure the stone or pendent is down and you have your fingers are about one to two inches away from the stone/pendent.  You want enough room for it to swing but not too much so that it takes a lot to move it.  Rods you hold the handles but not to hard so that they can move with ease.

The main reason to dowse to get answers to questions, but you have to phrase the question so you get a yes or no answers.  Example - Is it June 2nd 2012?  Yes answer is up and down, no answer is side to side.  (When your better and more in tune you can get a maybe, but that will be a later article.)

When you hold a pendulum properly, you slightly arch your wrist down with the string or chain between your forefinger and your thumb.  You want the pendulum to have a downward drop.  Now that you are set-up you need a flat surface to have your pendulum be able to give you answers.  (There are charts that you can use, but also a later article.)  For now make a half circle and put a line down the middle of it.  The line down the middle is yes and the bottom of circle is no.

What you need now is to clear your mind and remove judgement that might have on doubt any negative feeling and be open.  You must ask first, "May I dowse?," then you ask "Am I clear to dowse?"  You must get yes for both, up and down, for you go ahead any further.  If you get yes, congrats!   If you got no just keep trying, it will happen.

Now when asking further question be specific, precise, and positive on what you are asking.  Ask questions assertive and almost with no feeling, it is better that way because you ar not persuading the results and get a clear and unbiased response.  If you keep yourself "ego-free" and objective, detached from the answer you will have great success.  You should also realize that you can not change people with dowsing, and everyone has free will so you can not affect people negatively.

When you feel you are done, always give thanks to the Intuition and the Spirit for helping you.  In the beginning, make sure you ask simple questions, not future questions, and questions you are not emotionally attached to, as your answers will not be truthful.

But as everything in life you want to succeed in, you need to practice your craft everyday, be patient with your progress and be persistence.  Good luck and have fun.