If you're looking to become a hobbyist/enthusiast in RC vehicles, RC airplanes is the best choice to embark on. Not only are they fun and unique but it also houses a growing number of hobbyists in this category. More so, I will mention later, why the electric ones are far better than the gas powered RC airplanes. Modern electric airplanes are growing more powerful and this is spurring more interest in RC aircrafts. In this article I will guide you how to and what should you do to start your hobby and why buying the electric RC airplanes are ten times better than the gas powered ones.

Firstly, make sure whichever RC airplane you go for, the parts should be readily available in the market. For those just learning to fly for the first time will surely crash their airplane on their first attempt. That's why; many manufacturers keep this point in mind while designing it. Parts like the main wings, propellers and tail assembly will need replacement. When it comes to RC electric airplanes, the parts are readily available. For the gas RC planes it becomes a problem for parts replacements if they aren't available and are much more expensive.

There are two types of RC electric airplanes. The RTF and ARF, the former being, Ready To Fly and the latter Almost Ready To Fly. If you do not have any experience in RC airplanes then you should go for the RTF's since they don't need to be assembled or built from the packaged parts. Your basic Ready To Fly electric RC airplane will have a battery, charger and a transmitter and you should be ready to commence flying.

As I mentioned earlier, about why the electric RC airplanes are better than the gas powered ones. Well here are the major reasons.

• WITH the advancement in motor technology, rc airplanes are powered by electric motors which are far less noise makers than gas RC airplanes. Since gas powered ones use an internal combustion engine to propel the aircraft, controlling and silencing the noise becomes an obstacle without affecting engine efficiency. Almost no noise is created by electric motors even at maximum power. Smaller models of the electric airplanes can be flown in urban parks and gymnasiums without disturbing the local residents. The noise generated by gas RC planes is one of the major reasons why flying clubs lose their facilities due to complaints of noise pollution.

• RC AIRPLANES powered by internal combustion engines are affected by air temperature, air pressure and humidity which ultimately have a greater affect on its settings. When supplied with a fixed amount of electric current, electrically powered airplanes will produce a constant output thereby ensuring steadiness of the RC airplane.

• ELECTRIC RC airplanes are much easier to maintain than gas RC aircraft. Due to not many contact points lubrication isn't a major problem. A gas engine has to be lubricated at all times especially during operation. Also it becomes an oily mess because the lubricating oil is mixed with the fuel and expelled after combustion.

• DUE to a smaller number of moving parts in electric motors, they rotate along the same axis as that of the flight's direction very little vibration is produced. A gas powered engine has a piston/s which is/are pushed by combustion and changes direction on every rotation of the crankshaft and at a 90-degree to the direction of flight. As a by-product these vibrations are generated and in order to suppress them more designing with more building material is required.

• THE measure of input power and the amount of power delivered is known as efficiency. Electric RC airplanes are more efficient. The gas powered engines of the RC airplanes typically operate between 50-60% efficiency whereas carbon brush electric motors are 65-75% and brush-less electric motors operate at 90% efficiency. Therefore, the motors win the competition.

• WITH not much modification, electric motor RC airplanes can be used differently in various flying applications like aerobatic flying, helicopters, sports flying, racing, float planes, ducted fan jets and micro-sized aircraft.

Once you expose yourself to electric powered RC airplanes, the advantages over gas RC airplanes will become clearer top you. Gas RC airplanes require a lot of support and expert handling. Electric igniters, fuel which is costlier these days, electric glow plug igniter, electric starters, batteries and various other tools must be at hand. Therefore, think carefully before buying your RC airplane. Keep the above points in mind when you have to decide to purchase an electric or a gas powered RC airplane unless of course you want to spend the whole day getting a bulky gas engine started. Last but not least; join a nearby flying club or society. You will then have access to flying fields as well as technical support, plus you will also be able to make new friends who will help you embark on your new found hobby. Remember your ultimate goal should be to gain enough experience in RC airplane flying so that you can start flying the faster version of RC aircraft i.e. RC jet airplanes. HAPPY FLYING!