behr paint and primer in one


it really covers well

saves the steps involved in priming over strong colors

goes on smooth

tough finish

great color selection



costs a bit more

but if you factor in the cost of primer and the extra time and effort, it really doesn't cost more at all!

Color Wheel 9-1/4"-
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(price as of Nov 14, 2016)

Full Review

I was faced with painting a very large bedroom that was bright orange. I tried this Behr Paint and Primer in one, and was really pleased!

I have done my share of painting, and I normally swear by a good primer. If the room is a dark color, such as green, red or blue, you usually need to use a high adhesion primer to stop the colors from bleeding through. This would normally seal the color and allow you to paint any color you want over top.

This would normally take two coats of primer and then two coats of finish paint, which can get expensive never mind the steps involved and the time. But this was a really big room, and I had heard about this Behr product, and thought I would give it a try. I figured if it wasn't going to work I would see it right away.

To my amazement, it covered right over the orange. After the first coat I was really impressed. There was not one sign of the orange colored paint bleeding through. This really works!

It goes on smooth, and covers really well. I should mention, that I was now painting this room a very light pale blue. No way any regular paint would go over that bright school bus orange.

This product, costs a bit more, but this saved me two complete steps! I would have done a coat of primer, let it dry, then another coat of primer, let it dry then two coats of finish paint.

By using this Behr product, I was able to see the color on the wall right away. Even my husband was a bit nervous and shaking his head, when he saw me put the color right on top of the orange, but was surprised at the coverage.  I get this product at our local Home Depot.

I did two coats, and it was perfect. No one would know this room was once orange.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone contemplating painting over a strong color, or just want to skip the priming step. I have never tried it on bare drywall, only on previously painted walls, so I feel I can only comment on them.

If you are faced with dark walls that you want to paint over in a lighter shade, then consider the Behr product line, it really does work well. It also has a really nice smell to it. Not sure what that is about, but it is definitely not offensive.

The colors are rich, and the wall washes well. I already had to wash off a mark a week later and it came off. So, to me, this paint not only has great coverage but is tough.

In my opinion, well worth the price.

In Closing

I have a few more rooms to tackle in my house, and I will buy this Behr paint and primer in one, for every room. I absolutely love it!