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=== Being Paid to Write Online ===

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I have read lately that "content mills" lead to lower quality content if not properly managed. While many are frustrated with Demand Media and eHow, I do feel they needed to do something about enforcing a minimum standard level for new writers. Most of the complaints concerning eHow have been focused on three topics: 1) their lack of enforcing quality standards, 2) their lack of transparency in their compensation plan, and 3) a serious lack of trust in Demand Media by the writers who made the original eHow site successful.

I write part-time, only 1-2 hours each morning over coffee. Writing for InfoBarrel has provided me a channel to share my business experience. Since contributing to their site, I have had an extremely positive experience with InfoBarrel compared to the horrible experience I had with eHow.

I am not looking to write as a career and I donate my earnings to a local non-profit. I find writing provides me an opportunity to knowledge share and, in the end, if it generates a trickle of cash to support a local cause, what's wrong with that?

The few local reporters I know are humble individuals. They share other's stories through their columns and don't profess to be an expert on a subject simply because they wrote a few paragraphs about it. I enjoy reading an article by someone who has "been there - done that" in a field I know little about. Their writing skills might be a bit difficult to follow, but I appreciate they shared their experience.

Failing to have a degree in Literature should not dictate one's value as a writer. Claiming "author" as one's career choice should not imply you are more worthy of being heard.

To share nothing… promotes ignorance!

My Journey

I started my online journey writing on both the eHow site and the InfoBarrel site. I had been published before in the Commentary section of our small town newspaper, so presumed the process wouldn't be difficult. For InfoBarrel the process has been a breeze. For eHow, well, the process has been a nightmare. Further research has resulted in my better understanding the online market. I subscribed to a site titled, which provides a blog for the online writing community. A person by the name of Kim operates the site and I am grateful for her contribution to my learning curve and to many others who have contributed their observations to the site.

When starting this journey, I established clearly defined goals to pace myself and for self-motivation. I currently write 1-2 articles each morning in MS Word and copy them into the site at night after one last review before clicking "Publish" What I like most is this site provides me an opportunity to share my business experience with others. The process is simple and each day the information I post generates a trickle of income into my checkbook. By the end of my first week I generated a couple dollars, which wasn't a huge payoff, but I felt satisfied knowing I had a proof of concept and payment for the few articles I had written. My current goal is to chip away at building my article portfolio. Each day the volume of page views increases as my article portfolio is expanded and those little web crawlers scan my articles for placement on Google.

Next Step

If you are new to writing online and are interested in being published, click OPEN AN AUTHOR'S ACCOUNT and begin today. Writing 15 minutes a day is fun and there's no cost to participate.

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