With the demand for construction and urban development, the demand for construction site safety and clean up has risen.  A major concern rests with keeping the site free from hazardous materials that are a byproduct of the work that is completed.  One of these is the waste water that comes from the site itself.  Runoff water can cause a large degree of soil erosion and as such can contain sediments that carry chemicals into the city’s water supply. 

In order to reduce this contamination of the water supply, several measures can be taken.  These are planned before the runoff occurs, and can be quite effective in preventing the chemical laden sediment from reaching the water.  By taking measures to prevent this runoff, construction companies are being responsible to the environment and time and money is saved on the project.  Time is saved, because a work site that is not well organized and planned out is one that is messy disorganized and cluttered.  These work sites tend to be more likely to be primed for accidents.  In addition, fines are avoided for polluting the environment.

On the other hand, when the site is well planned and organized these consequences can be avoided.  There are several options for handling water runoff and to effectively and safely collect soil sediment.  The use of each is dependent on the site itself, the climate of the area, the amount of expected runoff, and duration of the expected project, among other reasons.  These options include digging a sediment basin or trap to collect the runoff before it reaches the water way, using bales of straw to strain out and collect sediment, and using different construction fabrics to strain the sediment at the grates.  Each of these works well for construction site cleanup.

By using prevention to manage the problem of sediment control, the amount of clean up that must occur on site is minimized, which directly influences the bottom line of the project.  A proactive approach is far superior in a budgetary fashion, being that if the project needs an additional amount of time doing cleanup work that could have been done in a few moments per day in a proactive fashion, the time and money is saved.

Construction Site Cleanup
Credit: http://www.bnbwastedisposal.com/services