A Player's Manual

Do you think a woman wants to know that you are 'trying' to get her to like you?

Or do you think would she rather feel as though you are coming to the table with your glass full? I think we both know the answer to that one, which is why attraction is not a choice in which you can flick a button, say the right line, or flash your $3,000 watch.

Women are naturally attracted to men who display effervescent confidence through the most simple of ways. Whether it be humor, how to present, or what you stand for. There's a common misconception that men think that if they talk about how much money she is earning - what car they drive and, in general, what their materialistic possessions are, that the woman will find them more attractive.

Well if you're looking for a gold digger then you're right on the money!

Men are from Mars

A Players Manual

Physical Attraction is more Art than Science

Attraction cannot be bought! It is an intangible, chemical reaction that occurs in the brain stimulated by congruency, energy, and a willingness to listen to your fe men counter-part. Do you think that in order to attract a girl that it should be difficult?

Well that depends on what you define as difficult, I define difficulty as something that is hard to accomplish. Do you think naturals find it difficult to attract a girl? Do you think that they actively reflect over whether they are creating attraction on a date?

Attraction is about being in the moment, maintaining eye contact, feeling into what she has to say and opening yourself up completely. Women just want to have fun, they want you to be able to open up and make them feel amazing. She wants to see whether you're the type of guy that can give her those butterflies in her stomach.

She wants to see if you can let go and embrace her femininity through all weather patterns, no matter what she throws at you.

Most importantly she wants to get a good idea of what type of person you really are: many men put on a smokescreen, hiding their true colors. Women pick up on this: don't fall into the trap of pretending to be someone you're not!

So next time feel a connection with a woman, try and reflect on what you did and how it made you feel. You'll notice that you didn't TRY to do anything, it just happened naturally because you were true to yourself and she saw that.

An Even BIGGER Mistake... Do not ever do this!

Laws of Attraction

Dating is a Journey not a Destination

Most guys make this mistake... they think the solution to this is to have some kind of preplanned line, opener or comment that will magically create attraction and interest. The problem is, these men carry the same mindset and self talk with them, and the preplanned comment falls right on its face, not because of the words spoken, but because of the mindset behind the words. The "pick-up line"... has it EVER worked for you? 

Take for example the acting on a Soap or Opera... do you believe it? I hope not... and the reason is because you can tell that their words are not sincere. Just like women can tell when you are reading a script in mind & acting out your plan, it is fake and it comes off as fake!

Are you asking the RIGHT questions?

The successful guy asks, "how can I make this work for me?", and the guy who failed says, "it won't work for me, because..."

One guy takes responsibility for his outcomes, and the other has already decided the information (and not him) is to blame. One very interesting thing that John Alanis said was that he noticed the "it won't work because..." guys send an email very soon (usually 2 days) after they've gotten the materials. The success stories usually come in several weeks later. Why?

Because some of the guys who succeed, fail at first... but they ask themselves "how can I make it work for me?" and go out and test a slightly different approach predicated on the information they got from me-their map dictates they do so.

In life there are no "easy answers", there are skills and techniques that can be acquired with practice and mastered over time. This is truly the best way to start attracting the right women to you, and soon you will be attracting women without even trying!