After you win the title of a rodeo queen, it's time to go to work!

Knowing how to act appropriately at all times is very important.

Even though it took a lot of work and preparation, winning the title of a Rodeo Queen is the easy part! 

Miss RodeoCredit: jmwilding

Now you must hit the road and represent your title.  You will be asked to appear at numerous functions, rodeos, and events throughout your reign.  You will be in the spotlight and others will constantly be looking and watching you.  Even though you have won your competition already, you will still be judged.  You will be judged by rodeo fans, board members, young aspiring Queens, and even your peers.  Being on your best behavior is a must, even if you are not dressed in your rodeo queen attire. 

Here are some helpful tips to help you remember your manners and teach you the etiquette of being "royalty" for a year.  If you are ever unsure of proper behavior, look to your host or contest director for guidance.

  • Remember that the "nice" words are always appropriate.  Remember to say please and thank you!
  • A thank you note is always welcome.  Send a note to anyone who has helped you during your reign  Big and small favors deserve a thank you.  Send a thank you note to your sponsors, hosts, and board members.
  • The small fork is your salad fork!  You will be eating at many social events and having good table manners is a must.  In fine dining experiences, use your dinner utensils from the outside to inside.
  • Use your napkin.  Always place your napkin on your lap as soon as you are seated. 
  • Don't complain about the food being offered.  If you don't like it, just pick at it or simply don't eat.
  • Never chew gum!  Use breath mints or strips.
  • When attending a function or event, and asked to help, do it willingly and with a smile.
  • Don't wait to be asked to help!  Offer to do something useful instead of just sitting and smiling.  If you can see they are short-handed get up and do something.
  • Introduce yourself when you talk to the hosts or "people in charge."  Don't assume that just because you have your crown on everyone knows who you are.
  • Introduce younger queens that are traveling with you when you meet people you know.  They are probably new to the rodeo world and appreciate being acknowledged by others.
Rodeo Queen with Younger QueensCredit: jmwilding
  • Be gracious about signing autographs or having your picture taken with fans.  If you running late and just cannot take the time, let them know where they catch up with you later or explain your situation quickly.  "I'm sorry, I have a plane to catch..."
Rodeo Queen as a Role ModelCredit: jmwilding
  • When you are asked to make an appearance be there on time!  Better yet, show up a little early so the host isn't worrying about you.  If you cannot meet your obligation, call and explain as far in advance as possible.  Never leave them wondering what happened to you.  If you are just running late, call or text and appraise them of your arrival time.  Traffic happens!
  • Be polite and wait your turn when you need to speak to someone.  Often times you are at events that require the host or "person in charge" to be ten places at once.  They certainly do not need a Queen pestering them constantly.  You are a Queen, but don't always expect the "royal" treatment when everyone is busy.
  • Never complain about a horse that has been loaned to you! 
  • Make sure you offer to brush and saddle the horse you are borrowing.  After you use him, return him to the proper place and unsaddle and brush him.  Never expect this to be done for you.  Seek out and thank the person who loaned you the horse, no matter how the horse acted or rode!  Send a thank you note to the owner afterwards.
Rodeo Queen Riding a Borrowed HorseCredit: jmwilding
  • Keep rude comments about other to yourself.  Learn to look for the best in others.
  • Be considerate of other Queens when you are bunking together.  Keep your space neat and tidy.  Put your belongings away.  Remember they also need to use the shower and mirror.  When it's time to sleep, sleep!  Don't keep your roommate awake while you are busy chatting away on the phone.
  • Don't just "borrow" items from others without asking first.  Better yet, don't ever expect to use something from someone else unless it is a dire emergency!
  • Use tact if you see another Queen who needs a hint that she has something out of place such as lipstick on her teeth.  Don't embarrass her in front of others, but by all means, quietly warn her.
  • Don't talk and laugh loudly.  Remember you are a Queen and others are watching you.
  • Let others talk.  You don't need to be the center of attention at all times!
  • Don't overstep your bounds.  The reigning Queen should be the center of attention at her own rodeo without having to compete with visiting royalty.
  • No matter how tired, stressed, or busy you are, be polite.  Never snap at others.
  • Keep your cool and smile, no matter what!  Expect to run into situations that will make you angry or unhappy but learning to deal with them appropriately is part of the skills that come with being a Rodeo Queen.
  • Follow all of the rules and guidelines you were given by your contest coordinator so there will never be any question as to whether you have deserved to wear the crown.

Being a Rodeo Queen means you are a role model to many.  You are also representing the rodeo or organization that presented you with the crown you are wearing.  At the end of your reign, you want to feel like you have done your best and you want them to be proud of the Queen they chose to represent them!