Being a better partner is something that all great men strive to do. It's not easy but it's not to hard either. Everyone man has room for improvement and hopefully this article can help you fine tune some of your relationship skills.

First thing, never cheat. This doesn't really need to be spelt out, it's just wrong, don't do it. Cheater will always come back to bite you and even will all the money in the world, Tiger Woods didn't even get away with it. If it doesn't destroy your relationship it will diffidently put unwanted pressure on it. A cheating partner is very hard to trust again and that moves us onto the next point.

Trust. Trust is key to a functional relationship. If your partner doesn't trust you or vies versa problems WILL occur. If you find yourself having problems trusting your partner, reconsider your relationship. Consider it because most non-functional relationships are due to trust issues.

Touch your women. Touching your women makes her feel beautiful and lets her knows your attracted to her on a physical level which is equally important as being attracted to her on an emotional level. Touch her softly all over and mean it. Don't just touch her because this article told you too, touch her and enjoy every stroke.

Honesty is one of if not the most important element to a relationship. Be honest to her and she will return the favour. Honestly will show her many things. Firstly, that you're not a coward. If you can be honest and hide things from your partner it is diffidently a sign of weakness and distrust in the relationship. Two, she can trust you and will let you spend time down the pub with your mates because she knows you won't do anything naughty because you will force yourself to confess it later on.

Don't ever, ever, disrespect her family. Women, well most, love their families. They are very family orientated people. If her family is different to yours, let it be, sometimes different is better. If her family is plain disrespectful and dysfunctional, reconsider the relationship. People are often a product of their environment and the family you create with her may not be the one your desire.

So being the boyfriend or husband everybody looks up to isn't hard. It shows your qualities as a man and a person. Following a few simple rules can lead you to a lifetime of fulfilling love and commitment