Every man's dream is to be a father. No one could ever deny that before you decided to settle down and have a family, you already anticipated your fatherhood. Maybe you set your very plan for this position and sketched your strategy in providing welfare to your family. Being a father is a serious talk, you need to commit and be devoted in performing your part as a father. Fathering requires a lot of patience and determination to act as the head of the family. Although being a father is a mind-numbing task, but because of your love towards your family being a dad is enjoyable and easy at all! Nothing could replace the role of a father even the very effort of someone could not be compare. It would be a different thing if a father will perform his duty to his family. A father should provide a wholesome support to his family. A father is not focusing on one thing but the whole welfare of his family. A father should make the effort to give daily food at the table; of course it should be three times a day provision. Nevertheless, insuring his family to have a healthy diet is not an option to do. A father should provide a safer house conducive to the health of each member of the household. A father should insure proper clothing for his family. Also making sure that everyone is not lacking something materially. A father should make it sure that he can provide proper education to his children. It is the great treasure a father could give to his children; it would be the primary arsenal of his children in facing this complicated world. As a father, he should know the importance of education for his children's future. Importantly, a father should communicate to his spouse in a regular basis. Indeed, a father should also mind of the things, feelings, or her necessities so that a mother is encouraged in doing her duties. For the two are the impetus in having a harmonious family, don't give any change of being bored with one another but make the effort of intimacy. Lastly but surely not the least, a father should guide his children to a right spirituality. No one could neglect the power of religion in the lives of people, so it is a vital thing that as a father he can make his children aware about of spiritual things. This also will lead them to proper conduct as an individual. In addition, a father should provide good and moral follow ups in regards to his children's attitude. He should train his children to be a better citizen and a law abiding people. To be a father is an arduous task and sometimes the worst thing in life and it is only possible if you lack the initiative and a sense of fatherhood but doing it with love and dedication; you will find it adventurous and exciting with joy and sense of fulfillment in life. The hardest thing in becoming a father is when you lack in savor towards your own family. The worst is when children fail to appreciate and recognize the effort of their loving father. So in this coming Father's Day Celebration, children must be organized and with a heart of gratitude celebrate the Father's Day with their father, making him feel the sense of appreciation for what he have done and not only for the things that he did provide but as a father who loves and cares for his family. Give him a treat that will encourage him more to be a perfect father.