Voting right this November

This article is NOT about voting to a particular party nor does it try to convince you the reader of the same but is more about learning about your local officials and vote based on the information you collect.


We are still a couple of months away before the "V" day this November and wanted to share my viewpoint on identifying the right candidate when casting our valuable votes.


One of the things I would advocate is trying to find the track record of the local officials in Washington DC.


We all live within our means and so must our officials.  If you notice a track record where officials have voted for expenses which are focused on non essential areas rather than addressing the current problems of economy, jobs...etc. That candidate may not be the one fighting for the common men and their interest.


To relate to the same, my state had a small change in the name and actually had to undergo changes in all government printed material to reflect the same and to add to that we have townships within the state filing for bankruptcy.


Have seen politicians introducing policy changes which may be for trivial issues and not relevant to mass public. Don't let them claim the same as work done in Washington as your representative and on your behalf. We are all accountable for our actions in our lives and the same should be good for them too. These may be important issues to some or in general but spending money and time at this juncture in history is not why you elected them last time around. Their focus as your elected official must be to address more pressing issues which are hurting all of us.


Typically come election time and we have politician making rounds of senior centers and local businesses making big promises, running down their opponents (maybe even spending our tax dollars to find out history of these opponents). Where have they been during the last 2 years of their current term - maybe resting after running an exhaustive campaign for their election.  Please make sure that the no show politician don't show up in congress this election.


Having lived in bottom 5 (almost all categories) of all the 50 states in the country (Rhode Island) where all our neighbors are doing very well for themselves, I started to dwell a little deeper into the reasons of this current status. 


The above 2 points should give you a fairly good sense of where your elected official stands. We voters must ensure that we don't end up with the wrong candidate representing our state for another 2/4 years and instead elect the correct official who will return this good country to the same glory we have enjoyed for past few decades.


Best wishes

American Common Man