Being asked to be the maid of honor is an overwhelming mix of excitement and fear. Carrying this title means carrying quite a load during the preparations for your brides big day. Here’s a quick run through of your basic duties to help ease your nerves just a bit. Don’t fret, breathe, and read on.

Before the Ceremony

Once your bride has popped her big question to you, your responsibilities begin. First thing to remember, you are her go-to gal pal, you will be in charge of corralling the other bridesmaids and orchestrating everything up to and throughout the event.

You’ll assist the bride in pretty much all of the decision making. From the simplest designs on the invitations to having the final opinion on her wedding dress and helping with the wedding registries; your voice will be needed. Arranging the bridal shower and bachelorette party are also required with your new title .

Prepare your speech somewhere in between helping plan the wedding. You’ll want to finish it a little early so you have time to practice. Not too good at writing speeches though? Try looking into a few books to help get through it; you're in luck, there's been a ton written on the subject!

During the Big Day

Phew, the big day. Even after all of the stress of planning a wedding, there’s still the actual wedding to get through. Your biggest job on this day is to ensure the bride has nothing to worry about but getting married. You’ll handle everything, gathering all of the dresses and maintaining the other bridesmaids and ensuring all hair and make-up is taken care of. Inspect every bit of the bridal party to make sure everything is 100% up to par, coordinate with the best man, and of course, make sure the bride is comfortable and happy.


Depending on the type of ceremony, you will need to bustle the brides dress before the reception (which can be learned at any bridal dress shop), collect and safeguard the wedding gifts, witness and sign the marriage license, direct and organize the guests, make sure the food selections are in order, and prepare the ladies for their dances with the groomsmen. Another duty you need to take care of is to help the bride pack for her honeymoon and have everything ready to go. Getting out of the wedding dress for the honeymoon outfit can be a hassle so it’s up to you to assist her out of it and have it put away safely. Whether it be a rental or bought, no one wants to lose a beautiful wedding dress.

These responsibilities really are an honor.  I know it can seem to be a bit overwhelming to think about but, you were chosen for a reason.  It's one of the nicest compliments a friend can give and/or receive. So before you even start trying to plan this wedding, make sure to have a few checklists in order to help you along the way.

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