The most common question men ask after chosen to be a best man is “What am I supposed to do?” Aside from planning the bachelor party and standing at the aisle, most men aren’t sure exactly this new title entails. Although, luckily enough for you, there are plenty of tools to help make your duties a little easier. Check out a few books on the subject for a more in depth look at what it takes but, for now here are a few tips to help.

Before the Ceremony
Just like the maid of honor, the best man has a few duties to see to before the actual ceremony. Yes, more than just planning an epic bachelor party. One of the biggest details a best man must see to is the wardrobe for the groom, yourself, and the rest of the groomsmen. Help the groom pick out his tux and that the other suits match accordingly. If the grooms party will be getting fitted for their suits then it’s your job to get all of the guys show up.

The day before the ceremony you are required to show up and be a part of the rehearsal and dinner rehearsal.  As well as helping to plan the rehearsals, you need to have a good speech prepared because the spot light will be on you for that.

Day of the Wedding
Your biggest job as the best man on the big day is to ensure the groom is stressed as little as could be. You’ll be his go-to guy for everything from making sure all of the guys are in line to simply finding and tying up the tie. Also, because it is your job to hold on to the wedding rings, make sure to keep them in a safe spot. You don’t want to be fumbling around trying to find them while the knot is being tied.

One of your biggest jobs is to help the bride and groom to have everything set and ready for after the ceremony and the honeymoon. The happy couple may not be returning to their hotel or home before the honeymoon so it’s on you to make sure all of their luggage is ready to go, keep them on time for their flights or other travel arrangements, and, traditionally, to drive them to the airport or to the honeymoon hotel destination.

Your big spotlight moment! Better make sure to have an awesome speech. Maybe take a public speaking course before the wedding day to make sure you deliver your speech as perfectly as you’d like. And of course, the biggest part of any reception, the dancing. You are required to have at least one dance with the maid of honor, possibly the other bridesmaids as well. But the last, but definitely not the least, duty of the best man, decorating the getaway car!

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