Belfountain Conservation Area is part of the Credit Valley Conservation system.  It is just one of the many parks in the area that follow the Credit. 

But the Belfountain Conservation Area park has a unique history that many visitors come to see and enjoy.  Located in the quaint village of Belfountain which is part of the township of Caledon, you will find this great park and town. 

You can simply park your car at the park for a small admittance, and then after enjoying the park you can check out the local village and get an ice cream cone and see all the wonderful little stores and coffee house.

Belfountain Park History

Charles W. Mack purchased this property in 1908 with his wife.  He had done a fair bit of travelling and wanted to create a park that mimicked other places he had been.  He was also known as the inventor of the rubber cushion backed stamp.

He put local stone masons to work, by re-creating his version of Niagara Falls, along with a swing bridge further down the stream, as well as creating caves similar to YellowsBelfountain Conservation Area Waterfalltone. 

He also created a bell shaped fountain in honour of the village.  This fountain still works today, and is used as a backdrop to many events. 

It is also worth noting that this area was mined for brown stone, which was used to build the Toronto Parliament buildings.  The Trimble trail as it is called follows the pond around, and then out to the Forks of the Credit with much of the trail being the old tramway used for the mining of the brown stone.

This park is a wonderful place to enjoy history.  Many of the things that Charles Mack built are still there, along with the old grist stone from when there was an old mill on these waters.

The trails follow the pond around, but into the trees, and you need to be wearing good Belfountain Conservation Area Caves>hiking boots, but this is well worth the walk.  The trail is beautiful along with the swing bridge that gives you a great view of these falls and rapids.Credit Valley Explorer Train and see the Hills of the Headwaters and Caledon with a 3 hour tour and great meal.  Or head to neighbouring Alton (another village that is part of the hills of Caledon) and check into the Millcroft Inn and Spa for some much needed pampering and see what they have to offer.

There is an abundance of wildlife here, and you will see turtles, salamanders, and brown trout in the river and pond area.  The trails have a series of boardwalks and steps to help you along, and it continues down the side of the river.  You can take the short trail or longer one, or simply take a picnic and enjoy the grounds and the mature trees.

There is a side trail for the famous Bruce Trail which goes approximately 3 km downstream.  I personally never tire of this park.  From the road, you can easily miss this park, as there is a simple driveway.  But once you turn down the driveway, it opens up to this park.

Many years ago, when Charles Mack had completed his replica park, he invited guests from the city to experience his Niagara Falls and the stone caves he built and to enjoy the fountain, river and pond.  There are many informative plaques in this park to help you understand the history behind this park and the area.

Although his home is long gone, everything else remains that Charles worked so hard to build, and if you are travelling into the Caledon area, this is one park that should be on your list of places to go and visit.  Approximately one hour north of Toronto, Caledon has many small villages and parks with loads to offer. 

So, get off that main road and check out the small towns, they have big things to offer.  You can even head to Orangeville and get on the

You can spend a lot of time in the Caledon area, and not run out of things to do.  There are always festivals on and fairs and garden tours and great things to eat.

So, if you are thinking about staying close to home this year, and you are looking for places to check out then check out Caledon, and the Belfountain Conservation Area and bring a picnic, or check out the Belfountain Inn right across the road that serves great meals and have a good time, whether winter, spring, summer or fall, there are always things to do in Caledon.Belfountain Conservation Area Gorge

If you find yourself in the Belfountain area in the winter, bring your skiis and check out the Caledon Ski club, which is very close to this Belfountain Conservation area, or bring your cross country skiis or hiking boots.  There is always something to do here.

I have lived in this area for over 22 years, and still find new things to explore.  If you want bigger hiking trails, then head over to the Forks of the Credit Park, and there you will get to hike trails and see the credit in its glory. 

There are amazing award winning restaurants in the hills of Caledon, if you want to have a great drive in the country and work up an appetite. 

Check out the for all the events that are going on in this wonderful area.  There will be something for you to do, along with some great shopping.  If you are looking for something to do in the fall, then you need to head to the hills in Caledon and take a scenic drive and see all the fall colours in their glory, and then check out all the local farmer’s markets and fall fairs going on.

You won’t be disappointed, and if you want more than a day, then stay a night at a local bed and breakfast or at a great Inn, and enjoy the fresh air, and have fun, don’t forget your hiking boots!