When talking about travelling in Europe countries like Italy and France seem to immediately top the list of most popular destinations. While both Italy and France are truly breathtaking, but when it comes to architecture, food, culture, history, art, shopping, landscape, fun, and multiple other attractions, Belgium should absolutely be right at the top of the list. To maximize your Belgian experience visit Bruges, Gent, Brussels, and Antwerp. The top reasons to visit are detailed below.

Architecture: The number of beautiful buildings, cathedrals, synagogues, market squares, canals, monuments, castles, train stations, and other gorgeous architecture from Bruges to Antwerp, can be overwhelming at times. Simply browse through the pictures below and you will get a sense of the stunning architecture.

Food: While Belgium is probably most famous for its chocolate, waffles, and beer, which don’t disappoint by the way, seafood, golden potato frites, various pastries, and meatballs are also specialties that rival any top restaurant in Italy or France on taste, uniqueness, and quality.  Come with an appetite and don’t bother trying to count your calories while you visit, the food is irresistible from street vendors to fine dining restaurants.

Culture: Belgium is a multi-cultural and multi-language country with people from all ethnic backgrounds and religions, which is emphasized and celebrated in society. Perhaps this is partly why major United Nations Agencies are headquartered in Brussels, the celebration and promotion of equality and human rights shines through in their beautiful culture. Additionally, the Belgian people, or alternatively known as the Flemish, are warm, nice, and funny. Whether you are lost looking at a map on the street or need help translating a menu, the people are incredibly helpful and nice.

History: History buffs can spend hours at museums in all major cities learning about Belgium as a key battle ground in World War I and World War II to the Ancient Celts dating back to 57 B. C. E. In addition, to museums the beautiful architecture from monuments to castles help to tell Belgium’s story.

Shopping: Antwerp has positioned itself quite successfully to rival Paris and Milan on shopping. Every top designer in the world has a presence in Belgium, and in particularly Antwerp is fast becoming known as the Milan of the North. Moreover, the Diamond District in Antwerp is a must see attraction for everyone. With the Diamond Exchange and Bourse located in Antwerp 80% of the world’s uncut diamonds flow through Antwerp and 50% of the world’s cut diamonds flow through. This means the absolute best quality because of a massive inventory, and also the best prices because of large inventories, but also fewer middle-men involved.

While this article has provided some details on the Architecture, Food, Culture, History, and Shopping that provide top-notch attractions in Belgium, this brief summary could hardly do the country justice. Visit and see for yourself!

Downtown Antwerp
Credit: FitGroove Fitness
Antwerp Train Station
Credit: FitGroove Fitness
Credit: FitGroove Fitness