Fanfiction is a great outlet for emotions, creativity, and a way to continue a beloved franchise that has ended. In fact, writing fanfiction is how quite a few great writers these days are getting their start. After all, the characters may not be their own, but it is still very much a great way to practice writing. However, sometimes fanfiction is little more than thinly veiled smut and used as an outlet for teens to vent their sexual frustration. When the medium of fanfiction meets what is the swirling storm of teenage hormones that is the Justin Bieber fanbase it becomes the perfect storm of literary drivel.

Usually, fanfiction about a single person, especially a real one is not actually that popular. However, when it comes to Justin Bieber and his insanely obsessed fans there are sites that host thousands of stories about him. Some of the stories are just so over the top, it makes for some great reading if only for a quick laugh.

Best yet, many of these stories come with either badly edited video "commercials" or badly edited movie posters. This wasn't a trend when I wrote fanfiction 10 years ago, but I am glad it caught on. They are hilarious.

bad meets evil

Bad Meets Evil

This is the prime example of everything wrong with this subset, the title pretty much tells what one can expect from this story. It seems that the CSI character than Justin Bieber played was so popular among the Justin Bieber fanfiction community, that most times there is a separate section for him. On CSI, Justin Bieber played the character of Jason who was an angry sociopath serial bomber who killed several cops and attempted to kill quite a few more. Every girl likes a bad boy, right? So clearly cop killers always get their pick of the chicks.

Anyway, in Bad Meets Evil, Jason kidnaps the heroine Isabel, who is clearly a projection of all the author's teenage angst, after blowing up a party they were both at. Jason then proceeds to hold her hostage before beating her and deciding to sell her into prostitution. However, another gang steals Isabel and Jason rescues her. Together they run off into the sunset together. It doesn't matter that he is a serial murderer, killed her friends, beat her, then tried to sell her into prostitution—He came back for her and understand her terrible tormented teenage life. If nothing else, this story could be a powerful work of fiction about Stockholm Syndrome, though I don't think even Patty Hearst could be convinced quite as fast as Isabel.

Video trailer time!

You Belong To Us. All Three of Us.

This story is clearly a mix of Belieberism and Twilight Mania as it features Justin Bieber and his two identical triplet brothers living in a small town in Canada. Of course the three Biebers of the apocalypse aren't just normal people, they are three very possessive werewolves and wouldn't you know it they all fall in love with the new girl in town, Alexandra. Like in most Justin Bieber love fictions, the new girl is a Mary Sue that is of course modeled after the author. However, this all around perfect but absolutely normal girl doesn't just catch the eye of the leg-humping puppy trio but also the eye of Scooter Braun (Bieber's manager in real life), an evil vampire. The werewolf trio decide to share this new girl, I mean after all, they are identical. It doesn't matter that a girl is a human being not an object, not when three identical hot guys want her, right? Aside from all the supernatural beings, this story is primarily a tale of average teenage drama. You know, "I have three boys who like me, this is so hard", "my boyfriends are werewolves", "I'm not fitting in at my school, sad face", and "there's this totally lame vampire trying to kill me…"

Teen stuff.

justin bieber ghost

1494 Years

1494 Years follows the story of the ghost of Justin Bieber. He died at the tender young age of 18 in the 6th century around the year 519. His ghost is doomed to walk the Earth until he finds his true love which just so happens to come during the modern day in the form of the cute and sensitive (avatar of the author) Leora.

I'm not sure whether the author actually planned the specific amount of years or just plucked a number out there, but to put this into perspective before continuing  let's go through what happened in the 6th century. Shortly before Justin the Friendly Ghost's birth, the Roman Empire fell. His death predated the birth of Mohammad, founder of Islam. His death was far before even the Italian Renaissance was a thing. So after all those years and all that wandering, he could not find one freaking girl her liked? That is just taking destiny a little too far.

Apparently, in life Justin was a blacksmith that wanted to pursue a career in music. I doubt people would have enjoy "Baby" much back then though, I mean, maybe it sounds better in Latin, but who knows. After 1494 years of wandering, Bieber managed to pick up modern speech patterns perfectly without even a hint of the society he came from, so kudos to that. However, this story is in its most basic form just a super old ghost hitting on a teenage girl, but I guess you cannot charge a ghost with statutory rape.

case 55

Case 55

This final entry is living proof that not every Justin Bieber fanfiction is just mindless romance with some cardboard stand in for the author. Case 55 follows the brutal murder of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber finds himself the number one suspect. Having Justin Bieber's girlfriend murdered is a popular motif in all Belieber fanfiction, actually.

Anyway, Justin claims he didn't do it, but all the evidence says otherwise. It is during this investigation that he is diagnosed as being schizophrenic, which of course means he is a crazed murderer to everyone because that is just how we view the disease, right? Due to the evidence and the stigma associated with schizophrenia Bieber is tossed in a mental asylum  without a trial. As an American, I don't know too terribly much of Canada's justice system, but I did not realize they took up the same policies as North Korea. Just for any prospective reader's information, this story makes Canada look like a horrible place.

As the story goes on, it turns out that the doctor treating Bieber is a brother of one of his backup dancers, who actually killed Selena Gomez and the doctor helped set him up. The pair keep Bieber sedated with a special drug that the backup dancer provided, because backup dancers are all professional chemists. Of course, no one in the hospital seems to care about the special attention he is receiving or the mysterious drug not found in the pharmacy he is using.

Of course, eventually Bieber manages to work the whole set up out and clear his name.

This one also comes with a terribly edited video trailer.