The traditional Feng Shui concept does not mention about good luck fish or Feng Shui fish.

Water is an important element in Feng Shui concept.

The presence of water is an indication of wealth. If you want to increase wealth, the Feng Shui masters will advise on strategic placement of water feature.

As a result of the emphasize of water in the house, the beliefs about Feng Shui fish take place.

There are many fishes that retain their positions as Good Luck fish or Feng Shui fish. There are certain fads too.

Let us look at the popular Feng Shui fish.

1. Goldfish

Goldfish is not a natural fish breed. If you look at the way they swim, you know that it cannot survive in the world.

Goldfish is created specifically as a good luck fish. The owners hope that Goldfish will bring gold to the family.

2. Asian Arowana

Asian Arowana is also known as the Dragon Fish.

The fact that Asian Arowana is a protected species added to the charm of its status.

There are many mystical beliefs about Asian Arowana. There are many modern legends about Asian Arowana.

The businessmen in Asia love to have a tank of nine Asian Arowana in a community tank. This is based on the legend of the nine dragons.

They believe that the power of nine Asian Arowana is enough to help them win contracts and grow their business.

If the Asian Arowana starts to commit suicide by jumping out of the tank or hitting the tank, the businessmen take it as a sign of ill omen.

3. Koi

Koi enjoys a status in Asia and worldwide as a popular Feng Shui fish.

Many koi lovers love their kois as much as their family members.

Koi is related to the Goldfish even though they command a higher price and status in the society.

Koi is more suitable for houses with outdoor ponds, while goldfish is suitable as indoor aquarium fish.

4. Luohan

Luohan is a member of the Cichlids family.

Luohan, also known as the Flower Horn, is a cross breed Cichlid.

At the height of the fad, a single fish can cost a few thousand dollars. The Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries are obsessed with Luo Han.

The tabloids kept on reporting about good luck stories from owning Luo Han.

Many stories about deriving a winning combination from the unusual flower patterns in the body of the fish added to the urban legends.

When the craziest moment of Luo Han fad passed, the owners dump the fish into the reservoirs. Many foreign workers in Singapore spent weekends catching the fish, and cooking it for dinner.

Since Luo Han is a crossbreed Cichlid, it is an edible fish. The foreign workers had many memorable weekends catching the fish for dinner.

Is there such a thing as the ultimate Feng Shui fish?

If you study the concept of Feng Shui, and understand the relationship of the five elements, you will find that nothing is mentioned about Feng Shui fish.

Feng Shui fish is never a concept in traditional Feng Shui. There is no such thing as good luck fish as well.

However, as society evolves, and people experiment with ways to increase wealth, the beliefs about Feng Shui fish grow.

There are many urban legends about Koi, Asian Arowana, and Goldfish. Many businesspersons and ordinary people are willing to swear to the mystical power of their fish. They are willing to pay a few thousand dollars, even more than ten thousand dollars, for an Asian Arowana or Koi to ward off bad luck and bring wealth.

Do you believe in Feng Shui fish?

You can test out the belief by customizing a tank for a community of nine Asian Arowana. This experiment will set you back by ten thousand dollars.