Set goals and work hard to make your dream a reality

The act of writing is a choice, but I believe that being a writer is something greater. Personally, writing is part of the fiber of my being. Writing is something I must do.

It has long been a dream of mine to make a full-time living as a goal. I am no longer pursuing this dream.

I am pursuing a goal.

Achieving the goal of making a living as a writer is not without its challenges. My primary challenges are that my family and my full-time job demand my attention. I cannot devote eight hours a day to writing and marketing. If you have a full-time job and want to run a freelance writing business in your spare time, you will need to be creative as you make plans to fit writing and marketing into your daily schedule.

One of the biggest challenges all writers face is self-doubt, and you may find yourself asking these questions: Am I a good writer? How will readers respond to what I write? Will I ever make any money?

The first and most important cornerstone to building a freelance writing career, or making a living online, is to believe it is possible.

Why did I not say talent is most important? You're probably familiar with the cliche of the person with a Ph.D. who waits tables at the local deli. Thousands of people have writing talent, and if you consider yourself to be an average writer, your skills can be developed and cultivated over time.

One fundamental difference between writers who earn money online and writers who will not try is the belief that it is possible to make a living as a writer. Understand that this has been done before, it is being done today, and with dedication and time, you can be among those who say “I am making a living online!”

As Wayne Dyer said, “There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love to do, there is only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.”

In some respects, today is the best time ever to be a writer. Many of the old gatekeepers – namely, publishing houses, print magazines and newspapers – no longer have the power to prevent you from sharing your stories and observations with the world. It is possible to write as often as you like and connect to a potential audience of billions – namely, every literate person on Earth with an Internet connection. This audience is growing every day.

If you are especially ambitious, you can publish and  sell your own book on the Internet in a variety of formats. It's very easy to create an eBook and a website. If you've been writing for some time, the process of writing may come easy to you, and your toughest challenge will be to attract an audience.

Develop the resolve to pursue a profitable writing career and believe it is possible for you. Many people have succeeded as freelance writers, and I intend to follow in their footsteps.