Wii Error Code 86420 yet all is connected?If you always get error code 86420 immediately after selecting "With Anyone", and also when selecting "Friends" from the Nintendo game Wi-Fi connection, then proceed to Step 1. This error is typically caused by a firewall interfering with a successful connection to the Nintendo WFC, please then proceed to Step 1. If this is not the case then keep reading.

Per Nintendo's support website:

  • "If you receive this error only when playing a particular friend, then it is likely a problem with the friend's firewall settings on their connection. If possible, recommend to your friend that they visit the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection help area of http://support.nintendo.com for possible solutions or refer them to this article (especially if they have a belkin wireless router)!

  • Occurs Immediately (Super Smash Bros. Brawl): If the error code occurs immediately after selecting "With Anyone" (not friends) from the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, our servers may be experiencing a high amount of traffic. Please try to connect again later.

  • Occurs when looking for a match (all games): If the error code occurs after the matchmaking process has started, it is likely an indication of NAT negotiation problems. Try the connection again later. However, if the error still occurs regularly after matchmaking has been running, even for more than a minute, please proceed" to Step 1

Things You Will Need

You should already have your Wii console hooked up to the Television and Internet via Belkin Wireless Router or another type of Router. And with that said you should also have your router connected to modem and PC.

Keep and pad of paper and something to write with next to you.

Step 1

Belkins http site

Step 1…Go to your Belkin's http site and login:

Step 2

This is where LAN Setting are

Step 2…Then click on "LAN Settings" on the left side.

Step 3

DHCP IP Pool range

Make sure your DHCP Server is clicked "ON". Now look at your IP Pool range and use a greater last three digit #, like (Do not use my IP numbers since they are random to make my point) Write the IP number you have chosen on your pad of paper for later use.

Step 4

DMZ Location Then go to DMZ under FIREWALL

Step 5

DMZ page Input the new IP (written on the pad) which is outside of the DHCP Server IP Pool range, this will be your Wii new IP Address. Make sure it is "Enabled"!

Step 6

Initial Page Go to your initial "Status" page by clicking "HOME" on top.

Step 7


Make note of the DNS Address as you will need to input this in the Primary DNS of the Wii. Write it down on you pad for later use.

Step 8

Logout of Belkin http site and close Internet Explorer windows.

Step 9

IP Configuration

On your PC's Main Window click "Start", then "Run". Type "Winipcfg" or "Ipconfig" or whatever it takes to get your IP configuration.

Make a note of the Subnet Mask # and Default Gateway# as you will need this when you manually assign the new IP address to your Wii.

Step 10

You have all the tools to manually connect your Wii to your router without getting the Wii Error Code: 86420.

You should now have the following written down:
Private IP Address = This will be the Wii's IP Address (e.g.
DNS Address = This will be Primary DNS, leave secondary DNS empty
Subnet Mask = Subnet Mask
Default Gateway = Default Router.

Step 11

in the Wii system Now to manually configure the Wii's IP address.
Turn on your Wii and go to system settings.

Step 12

Internet Tab Go to the "Internet" tab and click it.

Step 13

Connection Settings Select "Connection Settings"!

Step 14

Connection 2 Select a connection that has not been used, like "Connection 2".
You want to leave "connection 1" the way it is, especially if you do get
internet access, mail, and channels without interruption.

Step 15

Manual setup Now you will select Manual Setup.

Step 16

Default from Router or you named it Input your SSID from your router.
(If you forgot go to your Belkin's http site and it will be displayed under "FEATURES")
Then press the Right arrow.

Step 17

Security access Now, enter the security information needed to connect to the wireless access point. The options are: WEP, WPA-PSK(TKIP), WPA-PSK(AES) or WPA2-PSK(AES). Select the option that corresponds with your Wi-fi router's access security, then enter the appropriate encryption key.
Click on confirm and then press the right arrow.

Step 18

Look at pad Enter the IP Address (Private IP) , Subnet mask and default router (gateway) IP addresses that you have in your note pad.
Then click "Confirm".
Then click the right arrow.

Step 19

DNS (15736) Now you will Enter the DNS Address under Primary DNS Address. If you do not have a secondary DNS address...like me.. do not enter one.
Click on "confirm".

Step 20

connection test Then Click on "Save".
Finally click "OK" to start the connection test.

Step 21

success (15738)

If successful, select Yes to perform a Wii system update or Select NO if you already updated the system.

If not succesfull re-trace your steps just to make sure you have all your data in correct order.

I hope this solves your connection issue as it has for me and others who have a Belking Wireless Router and Wii Error Code: 86420. Good luck!

Tips & Warnings

The IP address that I use are just to make my point....you should make your own IP address according to your settings.