Foods That Burn Belly Fat.


Pulses have high protein and fiber contents. A mixture of fiber and protein helps to build muscle bulk and keeps you full for longer. Muscles accelerate the body's metabolic process thus hastening the process of burning fats. Also when you feel full you reduce the amount of snacks you have and thus reduce your calorie intake. Put these two factors together and you'll effectively burn your belly fat.



 Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries have two similarities-they are rich in vitamins and contain high fiber contents. Vitamins are known to help control food cravings thus reducing the urge to consume high calorie meals (such as cookies) in between main meals. Berries have fiber levels which are very high and increase the absorption of glucose in the body and also make the stomach feel fuller which helps in faster belly fat burning.


Hot Peppers.

Hot peppers are very high in capsaicin that promotes higher metabolic rates in the body. The chemical substance (capsaicin) contains thermogenic properties-meaning that it slightly increases the stomach temperature. At it's optimal temperature level the body can expend more calories to digest hot peppers which means it burns more fat quicker.



Almonds contain loads of vitamin E, monosaturated fat, vegetable fat and fiber. By incorporating almonds into your diet you can really reduce your urge to eat due to the almonds high levels of finer. The monounsaturated fat (MUFA) properties in plain roasted almonds can help eliminate bad cholesterol and that will reduce fat.



Salmon, sardines and mackerel all contain high amounts of the essential fatty acid omega-3 which helps you shed pounds and lowers your risk to dementia. These fatty acids have been shown to reduce the production of leptin in the body and at the same time improve glucose consumption and production. With regular consumption of fish, you can improve your metabolic rate which in turn burns off belly fats.



Ginger contains special natural chemicals that help boost the metabolism which aids in the fat burning cycle. Aside from increasing the metabolic rate of your body the special properties found in ginger can help in detoxifying the body and improving over all wellness. If you're looking for belly fat burning foods, be sure to incorporate ginger in your soups and stews.



Asparagus is one of the foods that are known to contain very low sodium levels. They contain a substance called asparagines-known for its diuretic properties. Regular consumption of asparagus can help in the reduction of water retention and bloating.


As we come to our conclusion there are many other belly fat burning foods available. For more tips and advice go and see your dietician for the best foods for you. Best of luck in all your diet efforts.