Your first date predicament can be summed up into two—you are on a tight budget, and you don't have the slightest idea on what your date likes to do for fun. How do you manage to land a second date?

Nothing is more romantic than the sight of two people who are too busy liking each other without trying so hard. That’s what you want to achieve on the first date. Your $100 budget is, in fact, a blessing. That way, you are not forced to impress your date with a lavish five-star dinner when the reality is that you couldn’t even read the menu correctly.

During first dates, you are still testing the waters when it comes to each other’s personality and interests. The only impression you need to get across is that you really like your date so much you are eager to get to know him or her better.

So where would a hundred bucks take the two of you? Read on.


Dinner for two: $40

Movie tickets: $20

A bucket of popcorn and two sodas: $10

Coffee or ice cream: $10

TOTAL: $80

There's a good reason why movie dates have become very popular as a first date move. Anything could happen inside a movie theater. The number of possible movie date scenarios is as endless as the number of times Hollywood can reuse plotlines and formula. Interesting enough, no matter how commonplace movie dates are, the fact is that they still work if you know how they're done.

If you are the one asking, let your date pick the movie especially if he or she already has a title in mind. It’s best, however, to pick the movie together. It could be a good way to spark a conversation about your likes and dislikes. Also, it’s hard to fake liking a movie you really hate so it would be great if you could subtly influence the choices.

Cap the night with a cup of coffee or ice cream during which you could talk about what you think of the movie, share personal experiences, laugh together, and simply hang out.


Homemade lunch: $30

Bottle of wine or beer: $60

TOTAL: $90

Take advantage of the beautiful weather. Ask your crush out, and that means literally outdoors! You don’t need to go too far. If there is a beach or a lake within your zip code, that’s your perfect spot. Otherwise, all towns have a nice park where you could simply lay a blanket under the shade of a tree and go people-watching.

When it comes to picnic dates, the key is planning ahead. Check the weather report. You are looking for sunny and windy. You can risk cloudy sometimes, too. But don’t worry too much about the rain ruining your picnic. There are times when it doesn’t ruin the date anyway.

Picnic dates can even be cheaper than $90. In fact, you can make a picnic date memorable with less than $20 if that’s your limit. You just have to prepare well. Create a checklist of the things you should pack—blanket, cooler, corkscrew, a basket of fruits, plastic containers and storage bags, utensils, sunscreen, books or magazines, a small stereo or your iPod and a speaker, board games or Frisbee, first aid kit, lunch, snack, beverage, and anything else that could make the day extra special.

Serve easy-to-prepare food such as sandwich, salad, chicken wings, and chips. As for beverage, ask your date if he or she drinks alcohol. If so, a bottle of wine or cans of beer are the perfect choices.

Live music

Tickets: $20

Dinner for two: $40

Souvenir shirts: $40

TOTAL: $100      

Don’t risk a wonderful night by taking your date in a show he or she doesn’t like. You have to do your homework first. Know the stuff he or she listens to from friends, Facebook or by asking directly. It’s that simple. If you find a common taste in music (not necessarily a common favorite band), the next steps would be smooth-sailing.

Find out if a favorite band is coming to town and get tickets for the gig as soon as you can. The earlier you buy the tickets, the more chances to get discounts and promos. But you don’t need to wait for that. You can ask your date to check out a local band that he or she might like based on your pre-date investigation. There’s always that restaurant or bar where both of you could enjoy great food, a nice atmosphere and awesome music.

Some people think that going to a concert on a first date is a risky idea because the mosh pit is not really conducive to a conversation. But for others, music, silence, and physical proximity are enough to make the night memorable. There are times when you don’t need to speak to each other to know if you are a perfect match. You just have to hang out while there’s good music playing, and if both of you feel comfortable with not talking too much, then the date could be on the right track.

They always say you can't buy love and happiness, and that's an ancient wisdom we should be thankful for. No matter how highly consumeristic this age has become, the right person wouldn't care. Roam in the streets or climb atop of a hill--make the most out of the time you have together, and you'll have your perfect first date.