Everyone needs cleaner and healthier air, right? For our homes, we can achieve this through the use of a humidifier. A Bemis humidifier would most certainly do the work for you.

It uses an all natural method of evaporating water so that there aren't any risks of white dust or any kind of residue, such as minerals coming from the water itself, would be left behind.

Such residues can actually enter the lungs and cause respiratory problems if left there untouched. There are currently different variations of humidifiers produced by Bemis and they come in varying sizes as well.

The 3 conventional models include the space saver, the tabletop models and the whole house models. So, depending on your need, there would always be one to suit your needs and space.

The whole house Bemis humidifier is basically a model that's designed to cover up to 2,700 square feet. It is, of course, larger than the other models but since it is very sleek in terms of appearance, it would surely fit in well with its surroundings and not become a bulky eyesore.

As with all Bemis humidifiers, they have incorporated noise free technology that allows the machines to operate without generating any kind of noise. This is especially great if you use it all day long. Besides, who would want a big and bulky noise making machine in their home?

The space saver model is a tower model which is designed to fit in compact spaces but performs with the same level of quality as the other Bemis humidifiers.

It can cover at least 1,900 square feet and can be placed in between small spaces. This is perhaps the company's top seller as many people prefer its size and the fact that it can pretty much work just as well as its larger counterpart.

The last model would be the tabletop version of the Bemis Humidifier which is designed for single rooms. It has the capacity to cover a room that's about 800 – 1,100 square feet in size.

Despite their size, these are highly efficient machines and can work just as well as the other models. So, choose the model that's most suitable for your home and enjoy the benefits of having a humidifier first hand.