BenTenHave you heard of BenTen? The Cartoon Network TV show has whipped up an alien frenzy amongst 4-12 year old boys. No doubt your little ones are pining after some of the many BenTen toys so they too can transport themselves into an imaginary alien world. But where do you start when choosing a decent toy from such a huge range? Well, in this article I'm going to tell you a little bit about the three main types of toy - the Omnitrix watches, the Alien Figures and the BenTen Games range - read on to find out more!

BenTen Omnitrix Watches

The BenTen cartoon centres on Ben's strange watch like alien device he found on a camping trip. This 'Omnitrix' enables Ben to transform into one of many alien life forms. Each alien has its own special strength or power that Ben uses to fight different forms of evil. Ben turns the dial on the watch to 'dial up' the alien he wants to turn into, then presses the dial down to transform.

Every BenTen fan wanting to take part in some role play needs a Ben 10 Watch. There are various versions for sale but the best two are the Deluxe Omnitrix and the Ultimate Omnitrix. The Deluxe version comes from the original cartoon series and features a small LCD screen where you view aliens and play a game. The Ultimate version is the updated green watch from the BenTen Alien Force sequel where small translucent alien action figures can be attached to the dial to represent the holographic images from the show.

BenTen Alien Action Figures

All of the main characters from the TV show, including Ben, his aliens and numerous enemies, are available to buy as action figures. The most popular BenTen aliens are the 10cm versions which are well detailed and fully articulate so can be posed in various stances during battle. The Alien Force 10cm figures also come with the mini translucent figures that fix to the Ultimate Omnitrix so you are buying a 2-in-1 toy. You can also buy 10cm Deluxe or 15cm figures which have special features such as oozing goo or projectile arms. 20cm and 30cm figures are also available but are not very popular. The action figures from the original BenTen series are quite rare so often expensive if you do find them.

BenTen Games

As well as role playing with the Omnitrix and the action figures, you can also find a nice, quiet, sit down Ben 10 game for your children. There are a wide variety of video games, board games and even a DVD game. Most popular with BenTen fans is the range of jigsaw puzzles, coming in single or multi puzzle boxes. The 100 pieces size is the most common although you can also find puzzle balls, jigsaw books and larger puzzles if you desire. Another game topping the popularity stakes with its BenTen picture cards is Top Trumps. All of the main characters are featured and the aliens' powers such as strength and speed are used as categories that you try to 'trump' your opponent with.

So there you have it - if you want to keep your BenTen fan happy for his birthday or Christmas, try one of the two recommended Omnitrix Watches along with a selection of 10cm alien figures. For a game to bring out during quieter play, try a BenTen puzzle or Top Trumps.