I was browsing the internet looking for Ben 10 toys when I came across Echo Echo.  This little gizmo.  It was a Ben 10 MP3 player!  I liked the looks and the price so I purchased it in hopes it would be a hit.  To give you a hint on where to buy I went to my local Toys r Us store and had them order it.  It seems that Ben 10 is not a hot item in the stores at this time.  However there are rumours of a Ben 10 live action movie starting production in 2011.

In any case I did buy the Ben 10 Ech Echo MP3 Player through Toys R Us.  It took about a week to ship.  I received it in good working condition.  This thing is really cute.  It is just the figure of Echo Echo.  It is about four inches tall which surprised me.  Somehow the picture made it seem like it would be bigger.  In Echo Echo's "ears" are the ear buds.  On the side is a place to plug in the earphones.  On the back of the head of Echo echo is a tiny LCD screen that shows what song is being played.  There is also a way to adjust the treble and the bass.   On the other side is the place to plug the MP 3 player up to your computer. 

I was able to download songs pretty easily.  I just went to Amazon.com and downloaded some of my son's favorite Spongebob songs.  He is a pretty big fan of " I'm a goofy goober" and "the best day ever".  You can listen to the MP3 player through the ear buds or the tiny little speaker in the mouth.   And I have to tell you that my son was the one that discovered the speaker! This MP3 Player has 1 G memory and can hold up to 240 songs.

My son loved it.   If I had known that the Echo Echo Mp 3 player was that small I might not have bought it for him.  He is six and it is a little advanced for him.  However once I get the music playing he listens and sings and makes Echo Echo dance.  I don't mind the dancing, but I do mind that he makes it dance on the dogs!  Echo Echo is small and  I am afraid he might get eaten by a dog.  I am trying to teach my son to put it on his table or next to the computer when he is done with it. 

I really like this MP 3 player.  It works well and is sturdy. It is a good present for the Ben 10 fan.   I can see it being a great device that will last years.  You can erase and add songs as he gets older.