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The Ben 10 product line for boys is a spin-off of the popular Cartoon Networks Ben 10 series that first aired around the end of 2005. The Ben 10 toys are all the rage with boys this Christmas due their release of the new Ultimate Alien Series that has hit the stores. Ben 10 is originally about a boy that while out on a camping trip finds an alien watch known as the Omnitrix. This device permanently attaches itself to the boys wrist. Because of this device he can now transform into a variety of aliens. Each alien has its own distinct powers. From this original series there have been many online games, video games, and action figures available to those that want to discover their inner alien. The company Bandai America has released several new lines this year that is sure to pump up the excitement and creativity in your child.

What will be new this fall? Other than the characters from the classic series, the new Ultimate Alien action figure will début this fall. Some of these are Ben 10 Terraspin Action Figure Ultimate Alien UA Deluxe, Vilgax, Nanomech, Ultimate Big Chill, Water Hazard, Rath, Ultimate Swampfire, Ultimate Spidermonkey, and Lodestar to name a few.

Another exciting product to hit the market is the Ben 10 Vuescope Ultimatrix. This is a cool toy that require 3 button cell batteries, they are included in the packaging. You load the Vuescope with one of two disc that has 6 aliens on each of them. You can pop the disc down into the scope and strap it to your wrist, get in a dark room, and view the alien of your choice. The Ben 10 Vuescope Ultimatrix will cost you about $20.00.

Another big hit out this winter is the Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory. This kit contains the Alien Creation Chamber Laboratory, 4 Ultimate Aliens, a key, and alien creation cards. The key is used to disassemble the aliens by putting it in the keyhole in the aliens back, and then the limbs and head releases from the torso. When using the Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber all alien part are placed in specific chambers. After loading all chambers and choosing a torso, the chambers can be dialed to the desired body part. When every piece has been chosen, you turn the knob and the alien is assembled and ejected. It is pretty cool of coarse. This toy also requires batteries and it runs around $40.00 dollars.

Then there is the Ben 10 Mark 10 Deluxe Vehicle that is sure to please. It is a versatile vehicle that can transform to be a racer, hovercraft, submarine, or it can be a jet fighter. You can also may your on personalized type of vehicle. This will run you about $30.00.

They are also introducing the Ben 10 Disc Alien Ultimatrix. This little contraption is worn on the wrist. It comes with a disc of one of the Ultimatrix Aliens. When inserted inside and activated the alien pops his head up and speaks. It is really pretty cool. It only runs about 20 bucks. So if you have a little boy get ready to enjoy the wrath of the Ultimate Aliens that are headed your way this Christmas.