In case you are not aware, the Ben 10 Ultrimatrix is a device used by Ben Tennyson to transform into powerful aliem creatures.  The Ultrimatrix replaces the Omnitrix which was the former device Ben 10 used before it got destroyed.

The Ultrimatrix is also not watchlike as the omnitrix was. It is more of an armband.  In the movie the ultrimatrix can turn Ben 10 into a as many as 20 different alien forms.  Ben simply calls on the one he thinks can best handle the job at hand.

The toy comes in two differnt version.  My son got both versions for his birthday so I will review both here.  First of all he recived the Ultimate Alien Disc  Alien Ultrimatrix.  This is the Ultrimatrix that has the clear plastic disks you slide into it.  Ulitmate Humagasour came with the Ultrimatrix I bought through Amazon.  There did not seem to be one of these in any store including Toys R Us. ( And I was specifically told about this type of toy!) 

My son who is six was having a Ben 10 Birthday party.  He opened his Ultrimatrix's  first.

The battery comes with the Ultrimatrix and there is an on switch at the end of the wrist band.  You have to push down in the center of the Ultrimatrix and slide you clear plastic disc in .  Just a hint.. the clasp side will be pointing out!   Then push the button on top.  The center of the device pops up.  The disc releases and has the face pop out.  Lights flash and the Ulitrimatrix says."Ultimate Humagsaurous"  My son was pretty impressed.  We did buy an additional action figure for him  Ultimate Spider Monkey.  If you are not familar he is the gorilla withspider legs. The action figure has a disc for the Ultrimatrix.  Not a bad marketing ploy to get us  to buy nore action figures!  The ulitmate spidermonkey worked well the first few times and then did get stuck.  The face fell off he hinges and the disk started to float around in the center.  With a little bit of fiddling it came out.  Thus has not happened to the Humungasour disk as of yet.  I really don't know if there is a difference in the way the disks were made.

The other Ultrimatrix he received was the Ben 10 Ultimate Vuescope Ultrimatrix.  The vuescope is as it sounds.  Simply insert one of the plastic scopes into the ultrimatrix and turn in it on.  The switch is on the end of the armband.  Turn the scope to the character desired and push it down.  When you press the button on top the scope pops out revealing the character ou have chosen.  Accompanying it are cool sounds and lights. 

In comparison which is better?  From a six-year old's point of view they are both entertaining.  He tends to wear them both at the same time.  There are pros and cons to both toys in my point of view.  I think the Ultrimatrix with the discs are more entertaining.  I perceive the pop up disks to be sort of pretend hologram.  I like the fact it says the name too when they pop up.  Just like Ben 10 in the cartoon.  What I don't like is the fact the disks can get lost, broken or eaten by a dog.  I also did not like that they got stuck in the Ultrimatrix.

The Ultrimatrix Vuescope was a little boring to me.  All it did was pop up and have flashing lights and sound.  This might be a good toy for littler guys.  Again there was an extra vuescope in the package.  With not extra place to put it on the Ultrimatrix it als my get lost, broken or eaten by a dog.  It also had lights and cool sounds.

So if you are going to buy an Ultrimatrix for your Ben 10 fan I would recommend the Ultimate Disk Alien Ultrimatrix for an older child.  Any child five and under might do well with the Vuescope Ultrimatrix.  This is a perfect gift if you are having a Ben 10 birthday party!