Ben 10 is an unusual 10 year old boy. Thanks to a strange watch he found whilst camping with his Grandfather, he can transform into many alien life forms. This is the nuts and bolts of the Cartoon Network show of the same name which has proved ever popular with 4-12 year old boys since 2005. The accompanying toy line features action figures of all of the aliens but centres around the watch, called the Omnitrix. If you are parent to a Ben 10 fan, at some point you will need to buy this must-have toy. But with so many versions available, where do you start? Well, in this article I'm going to talk about your three best choices - the Deluxe Omnitrix, the Ultimate Omnitrix and the Alien Force Omnitrix Projector (Illuminator) - read on to find out more!

Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix

Ben 10 Deluxe OmnitrixThe Deluxe Omnitrix is the best of the black Ben 10 watches from the original cartoon series. It references the popular first aliens, such as Four Arms, Heatblast and Diamondhead. Unlike its predecessors, the Alien Viewer and the Omnitrix FX, it is a two in one toy. It looks realistic to the cartoon show so is the perfect role play accessory, but also contains a small LCD screen on the dial, where a mini computer game can be played. The build quality is good - it is a nice chunky, robust toy. It features lights and sounds from the show and the mini game has two modes. Firstly your child can just turn the dial through the various aliens watching them on the screen and slamming the dial to hear transformation sounds. Secondly they can play a game where they get told to transform into a certain alien that they have to find, who then goes onto fight the main Ben 10 baddie, Vilgax.

Ben 10 Ultimate Omnitrix

The Ultimate Omnitrix is the new green Ben 10 Omnitrix that appears in the second cartoon series, Alien Force. In the show, Ben is now 15 years old and in the five years since he used the black Omnitrix, it has regenerated itself and the aliens it contains. This toy no longer contains a computer game but instead comes with a mini alien figure that can be attached to the dial. This is supposed to make the watch look like the new one on television, which displays a holographic image of the alien Ben has chosen to transform into. There is a mini alien figure available for each of the new characters, such as Swampfire, Chromastone and Humungousaur, but other than the one you get with the watch, you have to buy the 10cm figures in order to get any more. Once the mini figures are locked onto the watch they say their name and their favourite saying.

Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitrx Projector (Illuminator)

This is another Alien Force green Omnitrix, but instead of coming with mini figures this one uses animation disks to project an image onto a wall or other flat surface. Three disks come with the toy and each disk has five images of either aliens or Alien Force scenes. The disks are placed on the watch face and then a button is pressed to fire up the projector. As well as projecting images, this Omnitrix is also realistic to the show so can be used as a role play accessory. The colour of the projection light can be changed between three colours and the disk just needs clicking round to move onto the next image. The light sources are not that strong so the toy is best used in dark places.

So there you have it - if your Ben 10 fan is missing the must have Ben 10 role play toy, try one of these three recommendations to keep him happy.