You will be surprise how much money you can save in a month by going on a spending fast. First and foremost you want to make sure your utilities and housing is paid and paid on time to avoid any late fees. A spending fast if you follow it, will allow you to save a lot of money. This spending fast will permit you to cut back on your spending habits. It would be great to try this for thirty days to see how much money you can save. Here are a few frugal ideas that will help you to cut back on your spending.

Take your lunch and snacks to work-By taking your lunch to work you will save a substantial amount of money. If you can't make it for a month you could treat yourself on paydays. This would entail buying lunch two times out of the month. Your budget for eating out should be no more than $20.00 for the month. That way you will be able to treat yourself without going overbroad. Avoid the vending machines, if you have to have snacks consider purchasing them from the grocery store.

Do not purchase any clothes while on your fast-While on your spending fast the concept is to save money. You would want to refrain from making any clothing purchases. Check your closet you may be able to find something you have never worn or rarely wear. You can also mix and match your clothes. You will probably be able to come up with several different outfits.

Find free things to do-There are many ways you can find free things to do. Some businesses offer free goods and services just to get their name in the public eye. You can find several events in your local newspaper or any local publication. There is a section that will inform you of what's happening in your city and surrounding areas.

Cook at home-Try cooking at home for a full month. It would be wise to cook enough dinner, so you will be able to carry some leftovers to work the next day. Maybe you do not want to go cold turkey. If you must eat out try treating yourself once during the month.

Make a grocery list-Whenever you are ready to go shopping make sure you carry a grocery list and do not deviate from it. This will stop impulsive shopping and spending. Also try to go to the grocery store alone this is also a plus. This will prevent others from making unnecessary purchases. Try to get everything you need in one trip this will help you to avoid extra trips to the grocery store. The objective is to purchase enough to last you for two weeks, considering you are paid bi-weekly. Eat before going grocery shopping. This will deter you from purchasing items you do not need.

Try buying generic-Name brand items tend to cost more. Generic store brands can save you more money. Some people do not like to purchase generic brands because they feel the taste is not good. You can decide what works for you and purchase some items that are generic.

These are just a few ways you can save while on a spending fast.

P.S Let me know how much money you were able to save.