The right jewelry box can make or break a gift, and most jewelers know that packaging jewelry right increases its value and perceived quality. Provided the box is pretty and looks good, your customers have no reason to discard it and will keep it. Now, just imagine if your business name is tastefully engraved on that box. Can you think of a better way to advertise your business?

The main reason why you'd want to pack your jewelry with branded jewelry boxes is, without a doubt, increasing its perceived value. This is specially important if you are selling wholesale jewelry that is not exclusive to your shop. Put yourself in the place of the person buying a gift for a special person: Would you prefer to give her a sterling silver necklace on a cheap, paper bag, or a pretty jewelry box?

People also love convenience. You could offer a gift packaging service, using your branded jewelry boxes, for those too busy to hunt for a suitable gift box themselves. Your customer will be happy of having that taken out of their mind, and you'll be able to charge higher prices and increase customer loyalty. But this means you'll have to take care of buying your jewelry boxes wholesale from a provider that can offer you high quality packaging. Nobody wants to give a gift wrapped in cheap looking cardboard boxes!

By using the right packaging and personalizing it you also differentiate yourself from your competitors in terms of quality, not price. Which means you can still be the most expensive one and get the sale. As long as your prices are still reasonable your customers will reach the conclusion that if your items are better wrapped is because they are better, and so it's normal they are more expensive.

Another benefit of using branded wholesale jewelry boxes to pack your products is that people keep the boxes and discard cheap wrappings and paper bags. Jewelry boxes are a convenient place to store a pair of earrings or a necklace when you are not wearing them, and if the box is branded with the name of your store that will act as a reminder of where they were bought. 

If instead of buying your jewelry boxes wholesale and branding them you opt for generic packaging you are missing big on an opportunity for repeat purchases. Even if you are an online business, branding your jewelry packaging offers you an opportunity to increase your brand visibility. How? Just make sure all the photographs you use on your show use props such as your branded wholesale jewelry boxes. 

Most wholesale manufacturers will be happy to create branded bespoke wholesale jewelry boxes for you provided your order has a minimum size and value. This means you will be able to choose things such as the material the box is made off and most importantly how your business logo or name is printed on them. Since you are buying wholesale you get great value for a totally personalised item that will make your jewelry look much better and sell for more.