Electric bicycle conversion kit

You can save alot of time, expense and energy by converting your regular bike to an e-bike. An electric bicycle conversion is quick and easy to do, and typically costs a lot less than buying a brand new e-bike. It's also something that a tinker man would love doing as a hobby.

How to Convert a Bicycle

With an electric bicycle conversion kit, you can convert most bicycles to electrical power quickly. Most electric bicycle conversions are as simple as replacing a bike wheel. Start by removing the old wheel from your bike, and fit the new electrical drive wheel into its place.

The electric bicycle kit should come with a simple to install controller, battery and wiring, and this is all very easy to mount and connect by following the manual provided. Once you have completed this, you are set for the power-assisted riding experience of your life!

Why You Should Convert Your Bicycle

The electrical assistance after a conversion means that you can either pedal or just take it easy while you ride. You can even use a combination of both pedaling and motor assist. You can now take routes that would otherwise have been too difficult such as steep hills.

Electric bicycle conversion kits mean that you can ride your bike to work every day instead of driving or taking crowded trains and buses. You could use the electrical assist in the morning, and then pedal on the way home in order to get some exercise.

Electric Bicycle Conversions go Unnoticed by Others!

Located discreetly in the center of your bicycle's wheel, the electric motor provided by electric bicycle conversions is the cleanest, cheapest and most efficient drive system for bikes that is available. They are also quite silent, so hardly anyone will notice that your bike is motorized.

Your electric bicycle kit has no impact on the handling of your bike. It will appear to people on the street as if you are riding a regular bicycle.

Things to Consider

There are several different options to consider before buying an electric bicycle kit. Motors normally come in three different sizes: 200W, 350W and 500W. The most common motor is the 200W one, as electric bicycle conversions in cities don't usually require too much power.

Be careful if you choose electric bicycle conversion kits that offer 350W or more. They can be very powerful! It is essential that you only install these kinds of electric bike kits onto bicycles that have steel forks. This can be checked by using a simple magnet. If the magnet sticks to the forks, then you are good to go. If not, then you should go get yourself a steel set first.

Cheap and Efficient

An electric bicycle conversion results in higher efficiency.

Bicycles are already well known as one of the most efficient forms of transport in the world, but the benefits provided by electric bicycle conversions extend this efficiency even further. E-bikes are therefore one of the most practical machines for transportation that have ever been devised!

They are also very affordable. Electric bicycle conversion kits can be had from as low as $300, with the very best electric bicycle conversions costing around $1500. What with the rising gas prices that just keep escalating, it's easy to see the savings benefits from electric bicycle conversions.