We are all aware of the special meaning behind the pink ribbon. For some, the ribbon is a symbol of bravery for those who have battled the deadly disease known as breast cancer. Others might view it with tears and sad nostalgia in remembrance of those who battled with the cancer long enough. Either way, the women who are currently going through breast cancer can help fight the disease.

Research has shown that breast cancer patients who exercise regularly throughout their treatment, have more energy and are able to fight the fatique that generally accompanies the aftermath of treatment. In some cases, exercise has given women the ability to speed up the recovery process. One of the top cancer centers, Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center, has been the leader in proving this new discovery in breast cancer research. The medical center offers exercise classes to their patients and previous breast cancer survivors.

This new discovery is very different from previous beliefs of how much activity a breast cancer patient is supposed to endure. Years ago, doctors frowned upon their patients going through any type of vigorous activities, both during their treatment and afterwards. A study conducted in 2007 that was published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship re-enforced the belief that exercise can help breast cancer patients. The study focused on the effects of exercise on the disease and the symptoms related to the treatment.

There were a total of 550 women involved in the study, all being diagnosed with Stages I to IIIA six months prior. The results proved, yet again, that exercise can only benefit those going through the cancer. Astonishingly enough, the study also found that breast cancer survivors encountered a much healthier quality of life.

There have since then been more studies conducted by various medical journals. All with the same conclusion that physical activity is a wonderful addition to treatment, and should be continued after combating breast cancer. As with any person, the type of exercise and the intensity that it should be acted upon will differ from woman to woman. Each exercise plan is based on the stage of cancer that the person is in, particular issues due to the treatment, and their overall health. If you or someone you know is going through breast cancer, or they are a survivor, all plans of exercise should be discussed with the oncologist to decide which exercise plan is best.