Why Have a Website

Your website is the window to your company. Your website is crucial, especially in this digital age when everyone expects you to have one.  Social media, blogging, email campaigns and search engine optimization are powerful ways of developing online networking and leads for most business. But it’s your website where a buying decision is made and the sale takes place. A website is where you can influence your prospects.
Bill Clinton had this to say. “When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web…Now even my cat has it’s own page”.
Websites can provide customers or prospects with a compelling reason to do business with you. A website is crucial and it’s the beginning of an online presence and a major part of your branding.

The benefits of having a website are listed below:
1.    It’s Expected! - A website is just as popular as a business phone number. People expect you to have a website and are usually surprised to find out you don’t have one. Since the explosion of the Internet, online marketing and social media, a website is  very “common”. Your competitors most likely have one. As the Web grows and communication channels increase so does our level of expectation. In this age of self-branding, people love to Google a company or product, even if a website may not be necessary to have one. People just want to see if your online and see what comes up.
2.   It’s Efficient- A website can serve and influence a much greater number of customers at any given time. Your website can serve several hundreds maybe thousands at once. They can see your products, make purchases, and read about your services and even share with friends, simultaneously.
Business’s can now put all their information online and can go paperless. All brochures or printed marketing materials can be online. If a customer or prospect wants to know about you or your business, your website can offer it all. Your bio, team member bio’s, services, product info, contact info, and even videos. All of that is available 24 hours a day, whenever your prospects need it. With efficiency comes savings with time and money, which of course is important to all businesses.
3.   It Converts- Websites are the ultimate conversion tools and one of the biggest reasons to have one. One of the benefits of having a website is it can convert visitors into customers. Through all your marketing efforts, online marketing or social media marketing, your customers have to land somewhere, and that would be your website. Your website should then convert those visitors into customers.
4.   It’s your business card- Just like #1. Your website is like your online business card because people want it, they rely on a website to give them the contact information they are looking for about your company. It can be a phone number, address or whatever. You use your website for networking, online and in person. Instead of saying here’s my phone number, people usually say here’s my website or do you have a website? People know they can contact you if they need to thru your website.
Another benefit of having a website, its a great referral tool. If customers are pleased with your website, product or service they will refer people to your website. So why have a website?...It’s necessary.

World Wide Web

Benefits of having a website