Paper is so fragile and ink can run and fade. Plastic, on the other hand, seems to last forever. Unless you want to have it engraved into stone, the best way to protect documents is to have them laminated. In the work place there are many different uses for a laminator.

Restaurants can create custom menus for each season or special events and have them laminated. That way if something gets spilled on them they can be easily wiped off. Handouts at a meeting, especially one that is serving food and drinks. Price lists, product code lists, or any document that is going to see considerable handling will last longer if laminated. Report covers look better when they are laminated, and they will also serve to help protect the information inside. Warning labels for machinery, signs and instructions, all should be laminated. Many companies are now using ID badges, these are easy to make and they look more professional if laminated. Laminating can save money by reducing your printing costs.

Many things in the home can benefit from being laminated. Important documents, special treasures, such as the first drawing brought home from school, photos, posters and awards, just to name a few. Collectors can use laminators them to protect items such as baseball cards. Gaming cards, those used by role-playing games such as, magic gathering or dungeons and dragons see a lot of handling, as well. They, too, could benefit from being laminated.

You can use a laminator to create your own board game with matching tokens. In the kitchen you can protect recipes, create reusable shopping lists, and have customized placemats. In other areas of the house you can protect those patterns for crafts, such as crochet, knitting and cross stitch to name a few. Create a to-do list that you can wipe off as the chores are done. Create a growth chart, or a memo board to leave messages.

If you use a laminator, you can create durable flash cards for school or home. Create signs, covers for school reports, homework helpers, such as math tables and English rules. Capture a moment in time when scrap booking, use a laminator to create pages with tickets and photos to show what you were doing on that date in time.

The uses for a laminator are endless. You can save time and money by keeping documents, keepsakes and everything else you can think of safe from time and weather by protecting it with lamination.