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What is Outsourcing?

Definition: Outsourcing is the hiring of an onshore/offshore third-party vendor on a contractual basis; an expert in a distinct field to leverage time and optimize business performance. In short, do the work to one's best and outsource the rest.

Why Outsource?

Most commonly, outsourcing is sought-out to eliminate unnecessary expenses, seek an authority in a field that one's skills are inefficient, increase turn-around time of products/services, position one's focus on core elements of his or her business, amplify productivity and magnify profits. Outsourcing can provide enormous advantages to stand out from the competition. With strategic outsourcing, one can provide excellent content, reliable products, and valuable customer service. Outsourcing jobs and responsibilities eliminates the bottlenecks in the company, letting business flourish.

In the beginning of this article, it is easy to become excited and want to get started immediately, as with all new information be cautious and keep reading. Like any other business venture proper planning and diligent research is a must. After selecting a candidate, have them complete a trial task, one may begin by writing out the task step-by-step in meticulous detail. Also, a great suggestion is timing how long the job takes to perform before sending it to the client. If completed to satisfactory, or even surpasses standards it can be a thrill to have one's work outsourced. This may appear as a lot of effort, however, it is an investment that will yield significant returns, this procedure eliminates questions by the third-party because detailed and timed instructions are key components to successful outsourcing.

Continuous Performance:

Many claim there are not enough hours in a day. This concept cripples potential businesses because when outsourcing, it is possible to allow the maximum hours in each day to be utilized at full capacity. How? When hiring a specialist in countries such as India, or the Philippines, those regions operate on different time zones. After finishing a day of work and heading to bed for some shut-eye, they on the other hand are bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed. Having the advantage of operating a business 24/7 is a tremendous feat in itself, enabling rapid growth and an edge over the competition. With round-the-clock service, one can focus on the crucial elements of business and most importantly income generating strategies.



Pennies Make Dollars:

When having tasks outsourced, the need to have employees attention on minute tasks becomes obsolete. After having much time and money invested on valuable employees, one can now delegate them on income generating activities that can propel growth. As seen thus far, outsourcing provides a plethora of benefits that can accelerate a business. Moreover, it can have significant cost savings, leading to more revenue and happier customers. Considering to outsource from the places mentioned above, savings can be upwards of 60% or more. With that said, it liberates one from having to invest further time and money training new employees, purchasing expensive software, even submitting to new technologies. It becomes evident that outsourcing can provide significant advantages. Assuming one does the grunt work to partner with a reliable, trustworthy individual/company. Outsourcing is a great tool to add to one's arsenal.

Ready, Set, GO!

Outsourcing takes on light once the door is opened. Where to get started? There are many great sites that have access to some of the best freelancers, one being elance.com. It has a user welcoming atmosphere, is simple to use, and staggering amounts of offers after posting a job. All the people there are extremely helpful and friendly, especially when it is someones first time outsourcing; they will assist anyone in the right direction. Next is odesk.com. This site is akin to elance, it is cosmetically appealing, simple to navigate and has a friendly community. Last on my list is vworker.com. Although it may not be the most attractive, it is one of those sites that gets the job done and opens the door to some truly great freelancers. I would propose creating an account on all of these sites and experimenting which one works best.


As many can see, outsourcing has several benefits that can help our businesses succeed in this cut-throat world. Not only does outsourcing help propel our business forward but ultimately helps to reduce stress, and hassle in our everyday lives. By now, you should have a basic understanding of outsourcing and are open to the options that lie in front of you. Do check out these sites and delve further, it is amazing to see the amount of tasks can be outsourced even in someones daily life routine. It is possible to use outsourcing in creative ways with the help of a little imagination.

Thanks to everyone for all of your valuable time, I sincerely appreciate it. Leave a comment below about which site works best. Perhaps there is one that you currently use and would like to share with the community.