Bukisa is a fun platform to write for but they do have a few drawbacks. The rate of pay appears to be pretty good as compared to Triond but they pay rate is slightly deceiving. Currently Bukisa pays $3.53 per qualified view. If a person views your article you get one page view credited too your account.

Writers COming Together

The problem with Bukisa is you only get one view for that person. If you hyperlink too

other articles and the reader clicks on one you still only get credit for one page view. When this is figured into the pay rate the pay rate averages out to about half of that. Yes you get $3.53 per qualified view but in reality you are only getting about $1.50 per unique view to all of your articles.

Examiner is an excellent company to write for. One of the things Examiner does is encourage you hyperlink to as many of your articles as you can within your article. If a reader finds one of my articles on Examiner and while reading it clicks a hyperlink to another one of my articles I get credit for two page views.

The rate of pay at examiner is currently about $9.00 per thousand page views and you get paid for ALL page views. If one person reads 10 of your articles you get credit for 10 page views. It's easy to make money with Examiner as the rate of pay is so high and the traffic to the site is tremendous.

There are many other positive things about writing for Examiner. You are allowed to use any and all AP photos with your article and you can also make slide shows for your articles using AP pictures. For every three images viewed you get credit for one page view.

The only downside to writing for Examiner is you are limited to writing about your main topic. My topic is Twin Falls Idaho Bicycle Transportation Examiner. When I get on a bicycle kick I can ride my butt off but when I am burned out on writing about bicycles then I need to write about other stuff. This is where Infobarrel comes into action.

Infobarrel allows me to write about any topic I like. The initial rate of pay is very low compared to Examiner however I know it will go up drastically. I have used Ad sense on a wide variety of websites and blogs in the past. I know what I can make with Adsense. In the long run the rate of pay can be a lot higher than writing for Examiner.

Examiner asks you too write at least 4 articles a week. If you want to write for Examiner I encourage you too. Just make sure you keep adding a lot of content to Infobarrel. With Examiner you can also add links to other related content including your articles at Infobarrel.

I have wrote for many sites and my three favorites are Examiner, Infobarrel, andBukisa.