Why learn a musical instrument?

Many people wonder if learning a musical instrument is right for them. After all many people feel that aren't good at learning music and feel it's a waste of their time. There are a bunch of beneficial reasons to learning how to play music in general, and finding that instrument that pleases you the most. This article will point out some of the key reasons why you should pick up an instrument today!

The benefits to your mind

When learning how to play, one of the key studies that universities and scientists have taken up over the years is see what the difference is between those who play a musical instrument and those who don't. It's actually pretty surprising how the results have come forth over the years. I have followed numerous websites and TV shows that show how our minds perceive music like another language. So just as someone who sets out to learn a new language like Musical InstrumentCredit: Wikimedia CommonsSpanish or Japanese, the same effect on our minds occur when we set out to learn music. Our minds expand in capability to retain knowledge better as more neuroreceptors are created and our mind changes shape and dynamics to be more effective at retaining memories. Another tremendous benefit is the ability to discipline ourselves. As we sit down and study and play each day we have to struggle through roadblocks and challenges, but that causes us to become more disciplined and gives us perseverance to push through and reach our goals. When we learn how to play a musical instrument our minds grow in all areas including comprehension skills, coordination skills, memory and retention, and increased ability to focus and concentrate on everything in general. There are so many mental benefits that it's easy to see why people in society who embrace learning music are more capable and intense than others.

The benefits to your body

Learning a musical instrument isn't just about improving your mind and cognitive functions, but it also has a tremendous positive response to your physical body as well. The primary reason that I've read and also personally noticed myself is that playing can reduce stress in the body. When we engage in playing music our bodies seem to respond well to the increased mental capabilities and in a way acts as a release to stress. As you improve you will be able to express yourself more fully and bring emotion into your playing. I have an article on Steve Vai and he is known as a very expressive and emotional guitarist. Watching just one video you can see how much he expresses himself and how much he loves playing. Our bodies react very well when we express our emotions into something we love, and playing an instrument can give us that expression and release of stress that we need to get through each day.

It's fun!

We have looked into the mental and physical benefits of this, but is that the real ready why we choose to play? I certainly hope not! These are the side benefits of the primary reason we play is because it's fun! Everyone who strives to play any type of instrument wants to be successful, to play well, to entertain others and themselves, and to have fun in learning something new and expressing themselves. Everyone hasDrumsCredit: Wikimedia commons a different instrument and I personally play guitar. Nothing is more fun and satisfying than learning a brand new song and playing it to the tune on youtube and knowing that I am making music with my own hands and fingers! As we improve in music our perception and creativity gets better and more advanced techniques and terms are introduced that make us even more expressive. Who doesn't want to strive to be the person that can sit at a piano and play a catchy tune for a family gathering and give them enjoyment? Who doesn't want to be able to pick up a violin or a bass guitar and start jamming out with friends? It is extremely fun and fulfilling to have this skill to play music and the other benefits are just like icing on the cake. The core is we want to have fun, the icing and toppings being the benefits to our mental capabilities and physical benefits.