Medical Insurance, Free Gym Membership and Clothing allowance - Just A Few Military Benefits.

If you are contemplating joining the military, it’s no secret that it does have it’s good and it’s bad, but I think, the good definitely out weighs the bad. Taking a look at one such good-- free military housing, I’ve witnessed where this benefit alone, has changed so many lives including mine. As soon as you sign up for the military you are guaranteed housing of some sort. Whether it’s the barracks if you are a single soldier (depending on your rank, as a single soldier, you may be able to move out of the barracks into an apartment or housing off base) or if you are married or married with a family.

There are other military benefits that you can’t find in any other business. Take medical insurance for example. Where else can you get instant health coverage as soon as you start job training? There’s no waiting for your probation period to be up, there’s no co-pay and family members medical benefits are the same as the soldier’s too. 

More benefits you can’t find any where else but the military!

  1. Clothing allowance. This is to purchase new uniforms. You will get this every anniversary of the date you joined the military. Most companies that I know of don’t offer this benefit.
  2. Free gym membership
  3. Low cost dental co-pay. You will get two free teeth cleaning per year. Most other companies only offer one cleaning per year.
  4. Discounted Brand name products
  5. Affordable groceries. The commissary (supermarket) doesn’t charge taxes (there’s a low service charge, but you still come out winning) and you can also use coupons, but no coupon stacking though.

There are many other benefits that you are sure to enjoy, such as the military hotels located in places such as Hawaii, Disney Land and more.

I know the military has it’s ups and downs, but for me, these benefits are nothing to complain about and worth sharing.

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